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Chimney Flashing | Dick's Roof Repair

Is it Time to Replace Your Chimney Flashing?

Nothing looks quite as quaint as smoke swirling from a chimney on a cold day. The smell of a fire in the fireplace, wood-burning, and warming the house creates this charming image and feel. When your chimney begins to fail you, though, the dream of a fire in the fireplace can quickly turn into the […]

window replacement

How Replacing Your Home’s Windows can Save You Money in the Future

Whether you enjoy watching Lake Michigan from your home’s bay windows or you love to have your windows open closer to Petrifying Springs Park, the age and type of window can save you money. There are many ways to update your home and save on window cost and so many modern options:  Vinyl Windows Double […]

New Siding Can Save You Money

How a Siding Replacement Can Save You Money

Do you have dents in your aluminum siding? Is your vinyl siding ripped? Is there wear and tear on the old siding you inherited from a previous homeowner? If so, it might be time for some home improvement and time to replace your home’s siding. Luckily, Dick’s Roof Repair, Kenosha–Racine‘s favorite roofing contractor, also does […]

Scholarship Raffle

Pat Quilling & Frank Matrise Jr. Scholarship Fund Raffle

Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha is proud to announce the Pat Quilling & Frank Matrise Jr. Scholarship Fund created by Dick’s Roofing’s very own, Jeff Milkie to honor fellow coaches and good friends. This fund was established to raise funds for BGC Sports athletes from low-income households that wish to play sports at the […]

New Roof Can Save You Money.

A New Roof Can Save You Money

Did you know that 88% of Americans make unexpected home improvements and repairs annually? According to a recent survey, the average cost of these repairs was to the tune of around $5,000 a year. And one of the essential items on the list is roofs and issues caused by faulty roofing. If you’ve been thinking […]

Spring Roof & Home Projects

Spring Is the Time for Roofing, Siding or Windows Projects

If you’re like most people, you’ve spent a fair amount of time and money upgrading your home in recent years. Across the U.S., we spent around $522 billion on home improvements from 2017 to 2019 alone. That’s without factoring in the major boost in home improvement projects during the lockdown! However, it’s worth noting that one time […]

Restaurant Promo Dick's Roofing

Dinner on Dick’s Roof Repair

Act Fast to Get a $100 Gift Certificate from Dick’s Roofing Since 1957 Dick’s Roofing has been Kenosha & Racine Counties’ roofer of choice for homes, condo associations and buildings, because we stand by our work. At Dick’s we know that our success is based on the success of our fellow locally owned businesses that […]

Peeling Roof, Avoid Cheap Contractors

Pay Now or Pay Later?

Cheap Siding or Roofing Project Can Cost You More In The Long Run. Saving money on a renovation project is always something that can bring a twinkle to a homeowner’s eye. Who doesn’t like to save a little green when replacing your siding or repairing your roof? The problem that can arise is that saving […]

Roofing Hero

Your Home’s Unsung Hero

One of the most important and yet underappreciated aspects of your home is your roof. It helps to keep your family safe from the elements, to keep your structure secure and, properly maintained, it can last for a long time. It is the unsung hero in the world of home improvement. But when it does […]

Siding Before and After | Dicks Roofing

Advantages to Replacing Your Siding in the Winter

Snow and freezing weather are right around the corner and updating your siding is one sure way to keep your home warm and cozy during cold weather. As siding ages, it becomes less energy-efficient, allowing more drafts and cold air to seep in. Now is a perfect time to have your siding inspected by a […]

Fall is Perfect Time to Update Your Siding

Fall is Perfect Time to Update Your Siding

The holidays are approaching and fall decorations are coming out of storage, ready to make your home look festive. Instead of strategically using those decorations to hide your home’s damage or unattractive siding, why not give your house a total makeover in 2020? It might surprise you, but fall is a perfect time to replace […]

Free Roof for Healthcare Hero | Dick's Roofing

Congratulations to Our Healthcare Hero Winner

We are proud to announce the winner of our Healthcare Hero campaign that’ll be receiving a free roof this fall is Christina Olsen and her family Nic, son Brixton and four-legged dog Arlo.  Christina has been a CNA at Brookside Care Center for 14-years in the rehab department. Since COVID began her income was impacted […]

DIY Roof Repair | Dicks Roofing

Avoid DIY Roof Repairs

Home improvement projects saw a boom this year with so many people spending more time at home. The DIY fans updated kitchens, fixed up bathrooms, did some lawnscaping and some even made the potentially dangerous decision of DIY roof repair. Some roof repair projects can appear to be fairly simple, and many handymen or women […]

Home ROI | Dicks Roofing

Top ROI for Home Improvements

Are you thinking about updating your home but not sure which project to start first – windows, siding or replacing your roof? This is a perfect opportunity to determine which home improvements will give you the biggest bang for your buck. When improving or updating your home, the top proven ways to increase your home’s […]

Apartment, Condo Roofs | DIck's Roofing

Roof Repair: Apartments & Condo Associations

When it comes to an apartment complex or condo association, one of your primary focuses is the satisfaction of your residents or owners. You want to make sure that their living space is well-maintained and the roof over their head is keeping them safe, warm and dry. Whether you are a property manager or part […]

Looking Out New Windows | Dick's Roof Repair

Keeping You Safe with Beautiful Windows

The beautiful summer weather is here, flowers are blooming and the sky is amazing. As you work from home or look outside during the day, do you find yourself wishing you had new windows? So you could better enjoy the view or perhaps open the window for a little more fresh air? Especially if you […]

Roofing Quotes, Work During a Pandemic | Dick's Roofing

Keeping You Safe During Home Repairs & Updates

Social distancing. Gloves. Stay at home. This is the new norm for many of us BUT life still goes on, nature still brings heavy rains and winds and some homes still need roof, siding or window repairs/replacements. At Dick’s Roof Repair, we understand that nature happens and your roof, siding or windows still need TLC […]

Roof Damage | Dicks Roof Repair

Is it Time to Repair Your Roof?

The five basic necessities to survive:– Air– Water– Food– Shelter– Sleep During the startling and unprecedented current events, a fair amount of people have probably had this thought go through their mind, as they contemplated what matters to them in the quiet of their own home. Shelter. A home. A roof over your head. This […]

Helping the Community | Dicks Roof Repair

Helping The Community in Hard Times

As a dedicated member of the Kenosha community for over 60 years, the team at Dick’s Roof Repair is deeply saddened by current events. Our hearts go out to everyone who is struggling during these troubling times. This global pandemic will no doubt continue to touch each and every corner of the world, along with […]

Home Window Replacement | Dicks Roofing

Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

Windows, simple pieces of glass, wood or metal that separate our homes from the outside. They are meant to keep us safe, warm and dry and, often time, we don’t think about them … until there is a problem. A small window issue can be a BIG problem! Drafty windows can cost your average home […]