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Roof Repair: Apartments & Condo Associations

When it comes to an apartment complex or condo association, one of your primary focuses is the satisfaction of your residents or owners. You want to make sure that their living space is well-maintained and the roof over their head is keeping them safe, warm and dry. Whether you are a property manager or part […]

Looking Out New Windows | Dick's Roof Repair

Keeping You Safe with Beautiful Windows

The beautiful summer weather is here, flowers are blooming and the sky is amazing. As you work from home or look outside during the day, do you find yourself wishing you had new windows? So you could better enjoy the view or perhaps open the window for a little more fresh air? Especially if you […]

Roofing Quotes, Work During a Pandemic | Dick's Roofing

Keeping You Safe During Home Repairs & Updates

Social distancing. Gloves. Stay at home. This is the new norm for many of us BUT life still goes on, nature still brings heavy rains and winds and some homes still need roof, siding or window repairs/replacements. At Dick’s Roof Repair, we understand that nature happens and your roof, siding or windows still need TLC […]

Roof Damage | Dicks Roof Repair

Is it Time to Repair Your Roof?

The five basic necessities to survive:– Air– Water– Food– Shelter– Sleep During the startling and unprecedented current events, a fair amount of people have probably had this thought go through their mind, as they contemplated what matters to them in the quiet of their own home. Shelter. A home. A roof over your head. This […]

Helping the Community | Dicks Roof Repair

Helping The Community in Hard Times

As a dedicated member of the Kenosha community for over 60 years, the team at Dick’s Roof Repair is deeply saddened by current events. Our hearts go out to everyone who is struggling during these troubling times. This global pandemic will no doubt continue to touch each and every corner of the world, along with […]

Home Window Replacement | Dicks Roofing

Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

Windows, simple pieces of glass, wood or metal that separate our homes from the outside. They are meant to keep us safe, warm and dry and, often time, we don’t think about them … until there is a problem. A small window issue can be a BIG problem! Drafty windows can cost your average home […]

Attic Insulation | Dick's Roofing

Is It Time to Insulate Your Attic?

Wind, snow, ice and cold. Winter is making itself known from the damage to the dunes on Lake Michigan to the sidewalk wreckage in Downtown Kenosha, behind the Kempler Center. But, what you might not realize, is that damage is also being done to your roof. Damage that could possibly be avoided with new or […]

Winter Roof Repair | Dick's Roofing

Roofer’s Nightmare: Don’t Delay Your Roof Repairs!

As the holidays pass, now is the time to think about your 2020 goals. It is also a perfect opportunity to start thinking about the roof over your head and any necessary roof repairs or replacements. Did you know that this is the BEST and the WORST time of year for any great roofing company, […]

House Holiday Decorations | Dick's Roof Repair

Be Safe With Your Holiday Decorations This Season

It’s that time of year when Kenosha homeowners begin bringing their outdoor holiday decorations up from the basement and begin the rewarding, yet tedious, process of decorating their homes. Exterior decorations take special care. There is more to it than just throwing some lights at a wall and plugging them in. There are many different […]

Insulation | Dick's Roofing

Properly Insulating your Home Provides Comfort and Cost Savings

According to the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA), 90 percent of single family homes in the US are under insulated. Homes lacking the proper amount of insulation will be harder to cool in the summer and more difficult to heat in the winter. Humidity can also be a challenge with uninsulated attics. If your […]

Holiday Roof Decorations | Dick's Roofing

Now is the time to make sure your roof is ready the holidays.

Halloween is here and the rest of the holiday season is soon to follow! Pumpkins, lights and holiday decor will begin to make their appearance – from yards to doorsteps to roofs, from Downtown Kenosha to neighborhoods in Racine. Now is the time to make sure your roof is ready the holidays. Seasonal decorations can […]

Testimonial | Dick's Roofing

Siding With Dick’s Roof Repair, Couldn’t Be Happier

In over 60 years of business, Dick’s Roof Repair list of happy customers is extensive. From siding to roofing, we always love to hear from them. Recently, Mount Pleasant‘s very own John Owens took the time to tell us exactly why he appreciated our company’s hard work and dedication. He worked closely with one of […]

Replace Your Roof Before Winter | Dick's Roofing

Replace Your Roof Before Winter Hits

We made it through the dog days of summer and cooler fall temperatures – along with the beautiful Wisconsin fall colors – will soon be upon us. It’s a perfect time of year to have your roof inspected by the trained roof technicians at Dick’s Roof Repair. There is only one choice when it comes […]

Colorful siding | Dick's Roofing

Colorful Options for Your Home’s Siding and Roof

Many of us think of siding as one way to keep our homes warm and cozy during cold weather. But quality siding can also help keep your home cool – and your energy bills lower- –  in the summer heat. As siding ages, it becomes less energy-efficient, allowing more drafts and warm air to seep […]

GacoFlex® Products Help You Get the Most Out of Your Roof

Technology has impacted all areas of the housing market and Dick’s Roof Repair is constantly on the look-out for innovative new products that will save our customers money. Our top picks are high-quality, durable products that increase efficiency and are gentle on the environment. Gaco Western is a manufacturer of roofing products that fit all […]

Roof Repair or Replacement Help

Here in southeastern Wisconsin, when May flowers pop up, we tend to be cautiously optimistic that spring has finally arrived. Although springtime often brings showers and storms, many homeowners get back outside to start lawn and landscaping projects. Those projects often include exterior renovations to homes large and small. Heavy rains can often highlight problems […]

Spring Roofing | Dick's Roofing

Spring Ahead and Let the Experts at Dick’s Roof Repair Help with your Roof Project

Now that we’ve survived another Wisconsin winter and the snow has melted, it’s much easier to see curling or worn out shingles and weak or discolored spots on your roof. Spring is an excellent time to contact Dick’s Roof Repair for a free, customized estimate. Our trained technicians will do a thorough inspection of your […]

See Your Home’s Value Clearly with New Windows from Dick’s Roof Repair

See Your Home’s Value Clearly with New Windows from Dick’s Roof Repair

Chicago is known as the Windy City, but the Kenosha and Racine areas are no stranger to gales and gusts. When the wind blows around your home-whether it’s off Lake Michigan or closer to Lake Andrea-drafts can come in very easily if you have older, poorly maintained windows. Windows that lack proper insulation, were installed […]

Icicles On Roof Gutter Due to a Lack of Proper Attic Insulation

Proper Attic Insulation Helps Avoid Icicles

Winter is definitely a challenging for all of us in the Kenosha area. Snowstorms followed by dangerously cold wind chills can lead to a beautiful assortment of icicles on nearly every home and building. While they are lovely to look at, icicles on your roof can be a warning sign. Icicles form on residential gutter […]

Snow Cover, Unsightly Siding? Contact Dick's Roofing

Unsightly Siding this Winter? We Can Help!

Describing Wisconsin’s winter weather has unpredictable is an understatement! Kenosha-area residents have enjoyed temperatures near 50 and have suffered through bitterly cold wind chills. Most of us have lots of layering options to deal with the wide temperature swings, but your home’s siding may not tolerate them as well. Homes near Downtown Kenosha and  Lake Michigan […]