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Whether your chimney is falling apart with age or needs some waterproofing repairs, we’re here to help.

Keep the water out in the summer and the cold out in the winter by replacing the rotted and damaged flashing around your chimney. Or get a complete assessment for a chimney rebuild today.

Let us help before things get any worse!

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Expert Service

Dick’s Roof Repair Service is no stranger to the Kenosha and Racine area. We have helped repair and rebuild chimneys for homeowners for over 60 years, since 1957.

We stand by our craftsmanship and knowledge of building codes, the latest construction and repair techniques, and more. And we are state-certified, licensed, and insured.

Repairs For Your Chimney in Any Situation

As your roof gets a beating with the weather, so does the flashing around your chimney that keeps the water out. If flashing starts becoming warped, curled, or cracked, the waterproofing around your chimney is compromised. Then your cold A/C during the summer or warm air during the winter isn’t contained as it should.

Whether extensive or minor, we can complete repairs to keep your home energy efficient, waterproof, and up to code.

What if the condition of the chimney has deteriorated to a point where it’s beyond repair? Our knowledgeable staff can take a look and give a free quote on rebuilding the chimney from scratch.

How Our Process Works

Step One: Contact Us to Schedule a Free Estimate

Fill out our easy-to-use online quote. Then, a friendly member of our staff will contact you to schedule your free estimate.

Or you can give us a call at 262-654-6644 today to schedule your quote.

Step Two: Get Your Quote

One of our representatives will provide you with a free, no-hassle quote within 24 hours after initial contact.

Step Three: Chimney Work Begins

Once the essential permitting is in order, we will get to work. The estimated time it will take to complete your repair or rebuild will be outlined in your quote. We do not require you to be at home while the work is being completed.

Step Four: We Leave You With a Completed Chimney

Once work is complete, our team will remove any debris and make sure any necessary inspections are done. Then, once the final sign-off approval is given, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing your home’s chimney is freshly updated once again.

We Are Kenosha & Racine’s Choice for Chimney Repairs & Rebuilding

Our trade expertise and knowledge mean we get the job done right with top-notch staff and skills. We are Wisconsin state certified and licensed. And if you don’t believe us, ask some of our past customers about our stellar reputation.


No chimney job is too big or too small for Dick’s Roof Repair Service. Get your free, no-hassle quote to get quality service and competitive pricing today!

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Backed with solid experience since 1957, we are your source of quality chimney repairs and rebuilds. 

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