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Let Dick’s Roof Repair Service help put that final, finishing touch to the exterior of your home with .032 seamless aluminum gutters. Installation of these features can be both aesthetic and practical – saving your home from possible future maintenance issues.

Tired of cleaning your gutters? Worried about potential damage to your home?

Have Dick’s Roof Repair Service install the GutterRx gutter guard system! The GutterRx gutter guard system is your best choice for preventing debris build-up on your gutters, which will prevent water damage to your home. Our experienced team is the best in southeastern Wisconsin and can have your entire gutter guard system installed in one day.

Kenosha & Racine Gutter Service:

Dick’s Roof Repair Service can color match your new gutters to your existing or new soffit and fascia.

Dick’s Roof Repair Service uses .032 high quality aluminum to form their gutters. These gutters are available in 5” K-style or 6” K-style.

Downspouts are available in 2”x3” or oversized 3”x4”

Gutter Rx

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