Flat roofing installation & repairs | Kenosha, Racine

January 4, 2016

Anyone in Kenosha or Racine, who is in need of flat roof construction or repair, needs to look no further than Dick’s Roof Repair Service. Dick’s is Kenosha’s only contractor with the knowledge and experience needed to complete  a flat roof project.

In 1957 Dick Milkie began putting roofs over the heads of Kenosha families. For the past 57 years, Dick’s Roof Repair Service has hired and trained skilled tradesmen led by Dick’s sons, Rick and Jeff, along with son-in-law, Dick Pignotti. Every member of the Dick’s Roof Repair Service Team prides themselves in family values and professionalism. They are committed to giving you the product you seek at a price you can afford.

Flat roofs can be great, but they also have some unique challenges associated with them.

Although flat roofs really do “seem” flat, it is important that your roofing contractor understand the need to install them with the required pitch or slope, so that water will not pool and ultimately leak into the building below. Dick’s installers are experts in creating seamless installations that last for years without experiencing those frustrating leaks and cracks that cost homeowners both time and money.

Flat roof installation and repair requires skilled laborers who are experienced in all kinds of roofing products and systems  Inexperienced contractors often have difficulty locating the source of leaks because water often travels a great distance before being detected. Dick’s Roof Repair Service Team will determine the source of the leak and repair it, immediately.  It is important to repair correctly in the first attempt so that no more damage occurs to the building or  to the structure and contents below.

As the only local Kenosha flat roofing contractor, Dick’s brings more than 125 years of combined service to the trade – experience that will pay dividends, in the long run, to area residents and businesses expecting their roofing project to be done correctly the first time.

Dick’s roofers are experts at applying the waterproof membrane that flat roofs require. They secure the cap flashing and other details such as vent pipes, chimneys, exhaust fan outlets and skylights. Dick’s is experienced in working with roof parapets as well as with  applying asphalt and felt paper roofs.

Dick’s will make sure your project includes the appropriate flat roof drainage system and that you are getting the slope you require to maximize the R-value of any insulation product you incorporate into your project.

Contact Dick’s Roof Repair Service  today to discuss your flat roof project or any other roofing questions you might have.