Maintaining and Extending the life of your existing flat roof

March 17, 2016

If you have an existing low-slope roofing system, also known as a flat roof, it is important to protect and maintain the flat roof. We at Dick’s Roof Repair Service are your local experts in polyglass coatings and flat roof maintenance. There are several keys to properly maintain and extend the life of your existing flat roof.

1. Apply a Polyglass Coating
Applying a Polyglass coating to a roof that is 10 – 15 years old can extend the life of the roof by up to 10 years and increase energy savings. We utilize Polyglass 700 which can be applied to EPDM Roofs, Torch Down Roofs, Granulated Roofs, PVC Roofs and Metal roof services.

2. Benefits of a Polyglass Coating
A Polyglass Coating will provide a long-term roof-top exposure that is skid resistant, UV resistant, energy efficient, and non-abrasive. Polyglass 700 is a bright white water-based elastomeric coating which forms a seamless membrane when applied to the roof. Not to mention, the white is used for maximum reflectivity to protect the roof from ultraviolet sunlight and other weather exposures.

3. Conduct Frequent Inspections
A consistent roof inspection schedule should be in place after the polyglass coating has been applied. This will help you catch and eliminate any issues before they arise.

4. Maintain Drainage System
A flat roof relies on a properly installed and designed drainage system to prevent unwanted standing water, which could cause the roofing materials to breakdown and eventually leak along the seams. To help protect against that, you want to make sure that all drainage outlets are functioning properly and are not blocked by any debris such as leaves.

By following these simple steps and working with our expert team at Dick’s Roof Repair Service, you can extend the life of your flat roof for many years.

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