Avoid the Cold, Update Your Attic Insulation

November 30, 2016

‘Tis the season of space heaters, sweaters and hot cocoa! As we bundle up and prepare for the upcoming winter cold, it is time to make sure our homes are prepared too. Your focus should be in the “arctic jungle” that your attic might have become. To avoid the winter cold, update your attic insulation now.

Attics often become an extra storage place or, at the very least, wasted space. But, when properly insulated, your attic can become an important barrier against the chill of winter.

Your home’s insulation helps to reduce the movement of heat energy from inside to (gasp) outside. You could easily experience a 25% loss of heat through an improperly insulated attic.

Now is the time of year best suited for updating, replacing or installing new insulation in your attic area. If your attic is the “arctic tundra” in the winter and becomes the “Serengeti desert” in the height of summer, it is time to insulate. Inspection, installation and clean up is much easier and more comfortable at this time of year, both for you and your contractor. Plus, as the thermostat continues to drop outside, the need for this added insulation becomes more and more apparent. In other words, it is cold!

The insulation used throughout your home and attic is rated in “R” values. For example a standard four inch concrete block has an R-11 rating. Depending on where you live, the US Department of Energy recommends having between 8″ to 16″ (R30 to R60) of insulation. Most homes are under insulated and have ratings between R-11 and R-25, using only 3-6 inches of insulation . It is important to note that your home’s insulation helps keep your home warm and it also helps to keep it cool in the summer.

There are three standard types of insulation: cellulose insulation (blown into place and dusty), fiberglass insulation (inexpensive rolls but less effective unless using multiply layers) and closed-cell-spray-foam (highest R rating but does require special equipment.)

With the official start of winter only a few weeks away, it is time to take care of your attic’s insulation needs. Dick’s Roof Repair team can inspect and insulate your home for you. Take advantage of our Attic Insulation Special and insulate up to 1,000 sq. ft. with an R-19 rating for only $575.

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