Don’t Miss these Signs of Winter Siding Damage

January 30, 2017

Winter, with all of it’s beautiful snow and ice, can be hard on your home, especially on your siding. Siding issues caused by the winter can create ice dams, leaks, cracks and drafts that will make your home cold, increase your heating bill and cause serious winter siding damage.

Vinyl siding:

Freezing cold temperatures can cause your home’s vinyl siding to be brittle, resulting in cracking or breakage. These pieces can not be repaired, only replaced. Cracks can create passages for both heat to escape and for moisture to get in.

Wood siding:

Heavy snow can cause the lamination on your wood siding to wear off. This leaves the wood exposed to moisture that can cause rot. If the rot is unchecked, this could cause extensive damage to your home’s structure, roof and interior.

Missing or dislodged siding:

If a winter storm has caused sections of your siding to come off, your home is now missing a vital defense against heat loss and moisture. The same can be said for any siding that has become dislodged. Sections of siding that are no longer interlocked properly can result in poor home insulation and future water damage.

Painting: If your siding needs painting more frequently than every 8-10 years, this could be a sign of possible structural problems. Peeling paint inside your home can also be a sign that your siding is allowing too much moisture in.

Warped siding:

If your home has experienced moisture damage, your siding could appear warped. This should be inspected before the potential damage becomes too extensive.

Holes or cracks:

Although holes are often a sign of insect problems, cracks are more likely to be caused by weather damage.

Heating bill:  

If your home’s heating bill is continuing to increase, this could be a sign of old or damaged siding. Your siding helps to regulate your home temperature and any siding damage can affect that balance.

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