Choosing Your Commercial Roofing Contractor

February 27, 2017

Commercial roofing can be a lot more complicated than traditional residential housing roofs. Building designs are much more unique, the area covered can be significantly more substantial and the systems required are often much more sophisticated.

Because of that, it is important that commercial businesses trust their roofing projects to proven professionals. Dick’s Roof Repair Service has been providing professional, quality solutions to businesses in Kenosha, Racine, Franklin or Oak Creek, for nearly 60 years. Dick’s has a well-earned reputation for expertise in solving complicated roofing problems.

Business owners understand the value in hiring a contractor whose experience allows them to understand the intricacies of commercial roofing systems. They understand that value is more than just awarding the project to the lowest bidder, that long-term value will result from quality work by experienced professionals getting it done right the first time.

Experienced business leaders see value in their roofing contractor having a long history of service in their community. Dick’s has nearly six decades of providing quality solutions to Southeastern Wisconsin businesses. They have a huge portfolio of projects they can share with you to underscore the success they have had in providing quality, efficient commercial roofing.

Having been in business so long, Dick’s is also able to provide solid references to businesses that are considering a roofing project.

Your contract with Dick’s will address all areas of concern, from tearing off the old roof, to installation of the new one and all of the clean-up required to leave your property in as good or better shape than it was when the project began.

Dick’s has the requisite licenses to accommodate commercial roofing projects and is insured to cover any possible needs along the way. Their professional installers are trained and employ all of the required safety techniques to assure that your roof installation project moves forward without any setbacks.

Commercial businesses seeking a professional company with a proven track record should contact Dick’s Roof Repair Service for a quote. It’s a great way to enhance your bottom line and keep the roof above you secure and attractive.