Don’t Underestimate the ROI of a New Roof with Dick’s Roof Repair

March 14, 2017

Quite often roofing does not show up at the top of the list of things you should consider for enhancing the value of your house. Dick’s Roof Repair Service believes individual circumstances are a far more accurate barometer for deciding if you should repair or replace your roof in the near future. Often, those survey writers fail to fully appreciate the intangibles related to the sense of security and the curb appeal a good roof brings both to you and to those who might consider purchasing your home.

We handle a lot of other products – but our message today is that it isn’t in your best interest to consider a new roof any less important than many of the other projects you might be considering around your home. To follow are some of the reasons we feel confident in saying this:

Dick’s Roof Repair Service has a reputation for being the best roofing contractor in Kenosha and Racine Counties since 1957. Our knowledgeable salespeople and professional installers ensure that the roof you get is the roof you want and it is expertly installed so you can have confidence in it for years to come.

By contracting with Dick’s you know that your roof will perform as expected and you are working with a company with the experience necessary to do the job right the first time. From design and estimate to clean-up, Dick’s Roof Repair Service is the company Kenosha and Racine families are increasingly turning to for the answers to all of their roofing questions.

Besides the actual increase in home value that you get from your new or professionally repaired roof, you can also start the clock on lower heating and cooling bills by exploring appropriate shingle colors and materials designed with the technological expertise of scientists familiar with rugged midwestern weather patterns. Your investment goes down every time your energy bill is less as a result of the work that Dick’s can perform on your roof.

Dick’s gets their roofing products from ABC Supply Co., which prides itself in being “the largest wholesale distributorship of roofing products and supplies in America.” Over the years, Dick’s has found that by relying on ABC we can more comfortably meet the deadlines and goals of our customers. Simply put, ABC enables us to replace or repair your roof with the products and supplies we need, within your timetable.

Many Kenosha and Racine residents contact Dick’s when they are considering selling their home. It is always smart to explore the possibility of adding a new roof. Obviously, people who want a quick sale don’t want to have roof issues that slow down or derail the process.

Home inspectors are notorious for uncovering hidden leaks or other issues with roofs that require fixing before a home sale can close. Leaks and other issues that go along with a roof that has outlived its useful life, can stop a property sale until those issues are addressed. Plus, a poorly maintained or unattractive roof can diminish the number of people who enter into the potential buying pool – a factor that does not necessarily show up in those handy little estimates of ROI on roofing projects.

There is little disagreement that, when all else is comparable, a potential buyer will almost always opt for the home that can advertise the beauty and security of a solid, well-installed roof. When people walk away from the sale, your are spending a lot more money on taxes, utilities, maintenance and other costs holding the property until you identify alternative buyers. It doesn’t take long to understand how quickly avoiding that kind of delay can offset your investment in an attractive new roof.

Dick’s Roof Repair Service team, combined, has in excess of 125 years of service in Kenosha and Racine Counties. We have the references to prove it!

Our customers understand the value of hiring a roofing contractor with knowledge and experience. This holds true for all of our projects, whether they be a repair or an installation of a new roof. Don’t risk thousands of dollars contracting with a fly-by-night contractor operating out of the back of a pickup truck. You should demand a quality product that is professionally installed. It will return your investment in more ways than you think.

Contact Dick’s Roof Repair Service for an estimate on your roofing project. We are confident that we have the products you need, the designs you desire and the quality of work you deserve. In Kenosha, call 262-654-6644, or Racine 262-639-7864.