Best Contractor for Property Managers

July 12, 2017

Apartment and association owners and property managers value reliable contractor partners who will respond quickly and efficiently to their calls.

As Kenosha’s leading roofing and siding contractor, Dick’s Roof Repair Service, Inc. has a long history of great personal service in addressing the needs of property managers.

We understand that repairing or replacing roofing and/or siding is a bit trickier when dealing with a multi-unit building or a property that’s under the management of a third party. We appreciate the need to maintain open communication with all parties involved.

Much like dealing with a Homeowner’s Association for condominiums, property managers have rules and procedures they must abide by. Following internal protocol is necessary, which can be frustrating for apartment or property dwellers who sometimes expect immediate service.

The Dick’s team will minimize the frustration felt by property managers acting as a third party between residents and the business office.  The business office is sometimes bound by rules and budgets that impact replace and repair decisions and we respect that.

As a contractor with 60 years of experience addressing roofing and siding problems in Southeastern Wisconsin we have the knowledge necessary to undertake even the most challenging project. Projects on multi-unit properties often present a broad range of challenges, ranging from meeting the timetables of all involved to making sure we do not inconvenience the tenants of the property.

Property managers expect the contractors that they deal with to be available and able to cultivate what is viewed by both parties as a long-term relationship based on open communication, quick response and expert service. We, at Dick’s Roof Repair Service, Inc., have been working with all kinds of properties for six decades and we can provide the references that reflect that.

Property managers are governed by rules, procedures and budgets that give specific instructions on things like roofing, siding and gutters. In addition, repairs are often impacted by insurance company decisions. Whatever the guidelines a specific property is governed by, Dick’s has proven to be the most trusted partner in Southeastern Wisconsin. The people we work for appreciate the care we take to address their concerns and deliver a product that meets and exceeds their expectations.

Dick’s has all of the required licenses that professional, skilled roofing contractors are required to have. Unlike fly-by-night contractors that often operate from the back of a pickup truck, Dick’s has history (and phone numbers) in both Racine and Kenosha. We are proficient in even the most technical or architecturally challenging roofing and siding projects.

Tradesmen skilled in the art of roof and siding repair and installation make up our large, experienced crew. Our workers are taught to be respectful of individual owners and their property.   This includes both the building tenants as well as any property managers that we interact with.

Property managers are very busy people. We understand that a positive relationship with contractors is just one of their responsibilities. As such, we do everything possible to make that piece of their duties go smoothly while exceeding their expectations.

Dick’s Roof Repair Service Inc. is far and away the best option for Southeastern Wisconsin property managers who are seeking a trusted relationship that will address all of their roofing and siding needs in a way that meets those needs AND their budget.

Contact us today at 639-7864 in Racine or 654-6644 in Kenosha.