Save $$$ Now To Save $$$ Later With Dick’s Attic Insulation Special!

November 29, 2017

Dick’s phone is ringing off the hook right now with calls from Kenosha and Racine residents wanting to take advantage of our great attic insulation special! Under this special we will add up to 1,000 square feet of insulation to your attic for only $625.

Great insulation means a warmer house and lower heating bills this winter. Dick’s special deal is allowing homeowners an opportunity to lock in these savings before the real cold weather sets in.

Don’t wait too long! We anticipate that we will be very busy providing this extra level of comfort and savings to Racine and Kenosha homeowners. Be sure to call to schedule your appointment before the special expires in March of 2018.

An improperly insulated attic could mean that you are losing up to 25 percent of your heating dollars through your roof. Dick’s blown-in insulation will help you keep that heat circulating within your home, keeping your family warm, the atmosphere cozy and your heating costs low.

Dick’s Roof Repair Service Inc. can help you ascertain whether the insulation used in your attic is adequate for your square footage. Homes, unfortunately, are under-insulated. Many people don’t fully appreciate how much they could be saving by having Dick’s add more insulation to their attic. Besides the winter savings, summers will be cooler and your house will be noticeably quieter with  attic insulation from Dick’s.

We use the best insulation and have the most knowledgeable technicians who will examine your attic and will help you find the insulation solution you have been seeking.

Heating and cooling costs are a big part of the ongoing expense of home ownership. Attic insulation is one of those investments you can make that will have a fast return on investment. Our attic insulation special really does mean that you are investing less money to save more money in the long run.

Dick’s Roof Repair Service Inc. is your best option for attic insulation in Kenosha or Racine counties. We have been providing excellent customer service for 60 years and we take great pride in keeping families warm and secure in their homes.

Contact us at 262-654-6644 in Kenosha or 262-639-7864 in Racine.