Colorful Options for Your Home’s Siding and Roof

July 19, 2019

Many of us think of siding as one way to keep our homes warm and cozy during cold weather. But quality siding can also help keep your home cool – and your energy bills lower- –  in the summer heat. As siding ages, it becomes less energy-efficient, allowing more drafts and warm air to seep in. Now is a perfect time to have your siding inspected by a technician from Dick’s Roof Repair.  

Our team members are trained to look for:

  • damaged or cracked siding
  • siding that is extremely faded in color or blistering in spots
  • siding that is bulging 

Once the inspection is complete, our specialists can offer their suggestions and discuss repairing or replacing with you. These days, there are a variety of options and materials, depending upon the size of your home and your budget. Many customers are choosing colors that are brand new to the market and add a pop of color to their home. Popular collections from Mastic Vinyl Siding include Carvedwood Premium Dark colors and Carvedwood Solar Defense Premium colors, as well as their cedar discovery shake and shingle siding. As a bonus, homeowners can use an online tool to view different color options and see what they like best. PlyGem offers a home exterior visualizer tool

Siding and shingle manufacturers are both thinking outside the box. If you’d like to take a virtual tour to see how a certain roof color might look on your home, we are big fans of Owens Corning’s visualizer platform. It’s an easy way to scroll through some of the latest color options before making a final decision.  The Artisan series of shingles by Owen Corning, for instance, includes a variety of designer colors, including the 2018 Color of the Year, black sable.

Contact the team at Dick’s Roof Repair today for a thorough inspection and estimate. Then have fun with all the color options! We will help you transform your home’s exterior, while increasing its energy efficiency. Don’t delay!