Roofer’s Nightmare: Don’t Delay Your Roof Repairs!

December 30, 2019

As the holidays pass, now is the time to think about your goals for next year. It is also a perfect opportunity to start thinking about the roof over your head and any necessary roof repairs or replacements.

Did you know that this is the BEST and the WORST time of year for any great roofing company, such as Dick’s Roof Repair? We are busy and we love it. This time of year, we are happily helping our customers make sure their home is dry and warm, either with roof repairs or replacements. But, as the cold sets in and the weather works against our hard-working team, we consider the homes that were not able to schedule their repairs or replacements in time.

Reasons to start thinking about your roof now:

  1. Fall and winter is a BUSY time for any good roofing company. Don’t be caught unaware and not be able to schedule your for your home in time.
  2. Procrastinators never prosper. Waiting to fix your roof can actually lead to more damage in the long run. Don’t let a potential repair turn into a full replacement.
  3. A new or repaired roof is more efficient. Why waste money on leaks, poor insulation and other issues?
  4. Weather waits for no man or woman. Besides wrecking potential HAVOC on your home, seasonal weather can also delay your roofing company’s ability to get your home finished on time.
  5. Scheduling your roof repair or replacement, well in advance, gives you time to plan AND helps to make sure your home won’t be “left out in the cold” due to scheduling problems.

When is the BEST time to schedule your roof repairs and/or replacement?

At Dick’s Roof Repair, we suggest to our homeowners to:

  • Think now
  • Plan tomorrow
  • Schedule ASAP

As soon as the cold starts to recede and all the beautiful snow starts it’s final melt, contact Dick’s Roof Repair. This will give you and our team time to schedule your FREE estimate and to review your roofing options.

For repair or replacement in the fall, you should ideally plan to have your contract signed and work scheduled no later than the end of June.

Contact Dick’s Roof Repair for more information.