Fall is Perfect Time to Update Your Siding

October 23, 2020

The holidays are approaching and fall decorations are coming out of storage, ready to make your home look festive. Instead of strategically using those decorations to hide your home’s damage or unattractive siding, why not give your house a total makeover in 2020? It might surprise you, but fall is a perfect time to replace your vinyl siding.

Besides the curb appeal of updating your home with new siding, there are very logical financial and safety reasons to keep your home’s outside appearance in tip-top shape.

  • Water damage. Your home’s siding helps to protect the building’s interior structure (and your family) from moisture. Water making its way between house and siding can lead to mold, a weakened structure or worse.
  • A cascade effect. Failing to replace siding once sections start to slide off will only lead to an increasingly bigger issue. Siding interlocks together, so removing a few pieces can cause an eventual domino effect.
  • High maintenance. A home in need of new siding quickly becomes a homeowner’s nightmare with a constant need for minor repairs. 
  • Bills, bills, bills. Damaged or old siding can lead to subtle signs of underperformance and increased heating or cooling bills. New, vinyl siding includes ratings by Energy Star for the efficiency advantages.
  • Hidden horrors. Damaged siding can hide a lot of hidden issues and hazards, from unknown water damage to mold.

Safety and heating bills aside, there is another fiscal reason to update your home’s siding: curb appeal.

The exterior of your home is the moment that makes the all important first impression if you plan to sell your home. Damaged or unsightly siding can lead to decreases in property value. Prospective buyers will often assume they will have to now pay for the new siding or that you, as the current homeowner, slacked in taking care of your home. 

Replacing your siding is also a solid investment in your home. According to Interest.com, by replacing the existing siding with new vinyl siding and all factory trim, you can see a recoup of nearly three-quarters of your investment. The average cost of vinyl siding in 2020 is $14,359, and your potential return could be a little under $11,000.

It is important to know what signs to watch for on your homes siding. If any of these issues are appearing on your home, it might be time to call Dick’s Roof Repair for a FREE estimate.

  • Siding that is cracked, warped or rotting.
  • Paint peeling INSIDE your home.
  • Fungus, mold or mildew.
  • Severely faded siding or siding that needs repainting a lot.
  • Increased energy bills.
  • Siding with bubbles or blisters.

Fall is a perfect time for homeowners to replace their siding for many reasons.

  • Scheduling. Most contactors are extremely busy in the spring and summer months with roof repairs and replacements. You will be able schedule your home’s update faster during the fall when their crews have more availability.
  • Avoiding the summer heat. Replacing vinyl siding in the fall temperature is key. Vinyl siding can expand or contact in high heat, which can cause issues with the installation process.  
  • Avoiding the spring rains. Improper replacement of your siding in the spring, by less reputable roofing and siding companies, can lead to moisture problems in the future.
  • Savings. Replacing your siding now, before the extreme winter temperatures and snow, will help to prepare and protect your home. This can save you significant amounts on your heating cost and help you avoid any future issues.

Don’t wait until next year to start thinking about your home’s siding. Now is a perfect time to contact the Dick’s Roofing team for your FREE estimate and to get your home scheduled today.

We’ll schedule a time to do a quick walk-around, take measurements and perform any other possibly required inspections, again, all from the outside of your home for the safety of you and your family.

In today’s modern era, our team is ready to communicate with you in so many ways:

  • Call us! We would love to hear from you and schedule your home for an appraisal (all from a safe distance of course).
  • Online quotes! Our online quote system is easy to use and available 24/7 on our website for your convenience.
  • Discovery calls! Do you have questions and need answers? We can set up a call with you to discuss your options.
  • Video chats! Sometimes putting a face to a name is important or perhaps you want to give us a virtual tour of your home and the issue you want to discuss. 

Contact Dick’s Roof Repair today.

**Please note that Dick’s Roof Repair vendors are experiencing delays in materials due to Covid-19 and that this delay could affect the final schedule date of your home’s siding project.