Three Generations of Experience

August 25, 2021

Keeping a roof over Kenosha area homes is a family affair now for three generations at Dick’s Roof Repair.

Over 60 years ago, Dick Milkie began Dick’s Roof Repair Service, and his granddaughter, Laura Chatteron, and grandson, Steve Milkie, recently joined the team as the third generation of Milkie family members.

The family’s legacy of craftsmanship began with Milkie’s father, who illustrated the value of hard work while working for a roofing company in Racine, WI. Milkie learned from his hardworking father’s example, and Dick’s Roof Repair was born.

The industry of roofing and siding has undoubtedly changed since the company’s inception in 1957. Gone are the days of using wooden ladders with slippery rounded rungs, hauling over 80lbs of shingles by hand, and the propensity of “roofers back.” Instead, modern roofing teams can now enjoy the perks of boom lifts for heavy materials, improved safety gear, and substantially less back pain.

As anyone can imagine, pricing has changed also. Dick’s Roofing’s first project was a two roofing-square job for a garage for a total of $56! In the early years, a standard-size roof could be completed for $200 to $300 compared to today’s average price of $8,000 to $10,000. Although Dick’s Roofing team works to keep rising materials costs from overflowing to their customers, the industry continues to evolve.

Today, the founder’s son, Jeff Milkie, and his son-in-law, Dick Pignotti, run the company. They continue to move forward with the same family values, professionalism, and roofing philosophy that Dick opened the company with over sixty years later. These business principles are the cornerstone of Dick’s Roof Repair Service and have helped them become a leader in the roofing industry in southeastern Wisconsin.

Perhaps the family will one day welcome a fourth generation of the family to Dick’s Roof Repair. 

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Three Generation of Dick's Roofing
Titles: From left, Steve Milkie (sales rep), Laura Chatterton (office manager), Dick Milkie (founder), and Jeff Milkie (co-owner) of Dick’s Roof Repair Service.