Hometown Heroes: Kenosha & Racine Educators

June 22, 2022

Dick’s Roof Repair did it again. We gave away a new roof … two in fact! We are proud to announce our Kenosha and Racine 2022 Hometown Educator Heroes.

Congratulations to Kenosha Educator Deanna Jansen.

Deanna Jansen is a lifelong Kenoshan and 30+ year veteran educator for Kenosha Unified School District.

The nominations for Jansen overwhelmingly spoke of her dedication, enthusiasm, and love for her students.

  • “She is well respected, and many of her students consider her their favorite teacher.” — Michael. 
  • “She goes above and beyond for her students, accommodating different learning styles and modifying lessons to make sure that her students with special needs are given equitable treatment in the classroom.” — Britta
  • “She is the ideal teacher, as evidenced by the former students who come up to her and hug her years after being in her class.” — Dan.

On top of being a top-notch teacher, Jansen is a single mom, a loving grandmother, and a community volunteer. She is in constant motion to help others. She actively assists the local adult literacy program, fosters dogs, and, yes, even helps to bottle-raise kittens.  

Jansen also doesn’t hesitate to spend her own hard-earned money on her students for additional supplies.

As an award-winning educator who has helped many students at Bose Elementary School for the last 23 years, Dick’s Roofing was THRILLED to help her out.

“Everything that her friends, family, and community told us about Deanna made her a clear choice,” stated Dick’s Roof Repair President, Jeff Milkie. “We knew her older home needed a new roof, and she was a great example of a Kenosha teacher.”

Congratulations to Racine Educator Janet Carpino.

Janet Carpino, a well-loved math teacher who makes her home in Racine, began her career at Bradford High School in 2008, before moving to Indian Trails High School. Her knack for building strong relationships with students was apparent from the beginning, and her desire to teach has never wavered, despite difficult tragedies in her life.

Carpino has been steadfast in her dedication to her career, despite losing her brother and, more recently, her father in 2021. Her family, community, and students watched her persevere through these hardships with sympathy and awe at her strength.

The nominations for Carpino are a testament to her success as an educator and a person: 

  • “She brings joy and laughter to her classroom, and students seek her out long after they have had her as a teacher.” — Karen.
  • “Ms. Carpino is an extremely selfless educator. She encouraged me through a tough subject and does the same for hundreds of students every year. There is a reason why she is so beloved by all of her students… even while teaching math!” — Alyssa.
  • “Janet treats each of her students as if they were her own children. She wants them to be safe and to treat each other with kindness and respect.” — Diane.
  • “Kids know they can trust her and go to her with whatever they need, and she will help them with their problems, whether it’s mathematical or personal.” — Katie.

It is also important to note that, despite needing a new roof, Carpino continues to help her students. As one nominator shared, it is not uncommon for Carpino to spend her own money to ensure her students have school supplies, food, and even clothing if needed. 

As a family-owned business, Dick’s Roof Repair couldn’t be more excited to provide Carpino with her home’s new roof. Her “keep your chin up” attitude and love for her students and family made her an obvious choice.

“It has been a difficult couple of years for our community’s teachers,” shared Milkie. “We want to honor the people who help care for and teach our children.”

With over 60 years of helping community residents and businesses with their roofing, siding, and windows projects, Dick’s Roof Repair is dedicated to the Kenosha and Racine area. The team’s tradition of recognizing the area’s hometown heroes is always a highlight of the year.