Bristol Renaissance Faire Updates

July 12, 2022

Bristol Renaissance Faire Updates

The Mud Show, Dirk & Guido: The Swordsmen, Moonie the Magnificent, and … Dick’s Roof Repair? 

If you wonder what Dick’s Roof Repair has in common with the above-listed fun and local stage shows, the Bristol Renaissance Faire is the answer!

Opening this past weekend, the Ren Faire is a fanciful event held each year in Bristol, WI, that celebrates the history of Queen Elizabeth, the traditions of the Renaissance era, and everything in between.

With traditions of historical performances, stage shows, joustings, amazing food and drinks, and more, the Ren Faire has been drawing in thousands of people since 1972

At the front entrance of this annual festival is the iconic Bristol Renaissance Faire ticket center and souvenir shop. 

This historical building enjoyed a recent facelift through the hard work and dedication of the Dick’s Roofing team.

“We’re proud to be able to help the Faire with their updates,” shared Dick’s Roof Repair President Jeff Milkie. “The challenge of specialty roof projects is something our team excels at, and they did a fantastic job.”

In keeping with the theme of the Faire, the Dick’s Roof Repair team updated the building with a nod to England’s historical traditions with a custom copper cap on the “witch’s hat” of the shop, beautiful black DaVinci slates, and DaVinci shakes with copper valleys in the front.

“Attendees should be walking through those gates for years to come,” stated Milkie. “It’s gratifying to know we helped the building go through its only little renaissance, as it were.”

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Point of interest: Renaissance is a French word meaning “rebirth.”