Is Your Mind In the Gutter?

September 14, 2017

Fall is the perfect time for you to get your mind in the gutter.

Here at Dick’s we appreciate the value of going into the winter season secure in the knowledge that your gutters are clear and working as intended. For that reason, we stress to all of our customers to keep their gutters clear of debris year-round. With the cold-weather approaching, fall is an especially opportune time to have Dick’s do an analysis of your gutters.

If you are tired of cleaning your gutters and worried about potential damage to your home, let Dick’s introduce you to the GutterRx gutter guard system. GutterRx is an innovative system that can save you work, headaches and, in the long run, dollars for unnecessary damage to your home caused by clogged gutters.

GutterRx keeps your gutters free from debris and Dick’s can install this system on most homes in a single day.

Dick’s also knows how important it is for homeowners who invest in new gutters to have them color-matched to their existing or new soffit and fascia. Color-matching keeps your gutter system consistent with your vision of how your home looks from the street. Southeastern Wisconsin homeowners take great pride in curb appeal.

If you wait until winter, you run the risk of having ice-clogged gutters that create damage. Plus, work in the winter is more disruptive and difficult, not just for the installers, but for the homeowners too. Crisp fall days are the ideal environment for getting gutter work done.

Dick’s Roof Repair service uses high quality .032 aluminum in their gutters. This is desirable and assures the homeowner that they are getting the quality they are paying for. Both 5 inch K-style and 6 inch K-style gutters are available through Dick’s.

While many Southeastern Wisconsin residents are turning their attention to the Packers, Bears or Badgers, Dick’s is busy securing thousands of homes for the winter. Your gutter project through Dick’s can include downspouts in 2 inch by 3 inch or even oversized 3 inch by 4 inch size. Dick’s also has white or dark bronze five or six inch gutter covers available.

Many people have their gutters cleaned once or twice a year. Dick’s can assess the status of your roof and gutters at the same time. By bundling these services you can minimize the disruption that these projects can cause.

It is essential that you trust your gutter and roof projects to a professional. Dick’s Roof Repair Service is recognized throughout Southeastern Wisconsin as being the best at what we do. When you contract with Dick’s for gutter installation or repair, you will be getting the best products and our professional installers will do the job right. Pitch is important in gutter installation and our installers are experienced at making sure your gutters will have the proper pitch to assure maximum drainage. Proper sloping to the nearest downspout is key to having your system operate efficiently.

Pooling water in gutters, if not addressed in the fall, can freeze in the winter.  This can start a slippery slope of problems that may end up costing you, the homeowner, much more in the long run. The water that doesn’t drain properly will overflow the gutters and can end up pooling around the foundation of the house, causing further problems in your basement.

If you have trees near your home with leaves that gather on your roof in the fall, having the proper system in place is even more important. Leaves and the sediment that they degenerate into can clog both gutters and downspouts.

So as you start securing your home for the winter, be sure to include a gutter inspection and cleaning. If you discover that repairs or replacement is necessary, there is one company in Kenosha and Racine that will do the job right the first time. That company is Dick’s Roof Repair Service Inc. Contact us before the snow flies!