For Fall Roofing Projects, Dicks Has You Covered!

October 27, 2017

It makes sense to do roof work at a time of year where you will get the biggest return on your investment. That time is obviously fall, before Old Man winter brings bitter cold and snow.

Your roof is one of the most important components of your home, providing security, warmth and protection to you and your family. You should only trust true professionals to work on it. Average roofing contractors come and go with the seasons. But the really good ones, like Dick’s Roof Repair Service, stick around. Some, like Dick’s, even last for decades.

Sixty years of experience and a qualified team of certified, licensed professionals makes Dick’s Roof Repair Service Inc. the best place for you to get your Southeastern Wisconsin roofing project completed this fall.

The work that Dick’s does for you now will likely save you money in the future. Waiting too long to repair or replace your roof can be a costly proposition. Dick’s professional inspectors will help you identify areas that are beginning to wear and, if not addressed, will likely fail you after the cold weather sets in.

Our skilled craftsmen will do a thorough inspection of the entire roof, including all flashings and shingles. But, we don’t stop there. We will also inspect the interior of your home to search out any damp or wet areas that are likely the result of leaks that are developing in your roof.

Fall temperatures over 50 degrees allow your new shingles to thermal seal. Once winter sets in, the weather will not contribute to that valuable process.

Our roofs come with a 10-year warranty on our workmanship. Our warranty shows that we are confident in our skilled tradesmen. We know they will do it right for you the first time.

Our team of 8-10 professionals will begin by tearing off the old roof, which includes removing all old shingles and identifying any problems with the wood underneath. Only after we do a thorough clean-up do we begin installing your new shingles.

You can select from our wide variety of products and colors.

The days are getting shorter, the trees are starting to lose those red and orange leaves and the smell of pumpkin spices is filling the autumn air in Kenosha and Racine. Those geese flying south overhead are making a lot of noise. Our best interpretation of what they are saying is “Check your roof! Check your roof! Check your roof!”

You really should make your appointment before the cold weather sets in. Contact Dick’s a call at 262-654-6644 in Kenosha or 262-639-7864 in Racine.