5 Stars for Dick’s Attic Insulation!

January 17, 2018

“We moved into a beautiful 70s construction, “move-in-ready” home in Kenosha (near Paielli’s) in the neighborhood of our dreams, last year. The inspection went well, including the roof and presumably the attic insulation. We couldn’t have been happier. Then the rain came.

My husband, a DIYer by nature, decided all we needed was a bit of the flexible sealant that he’d seen on TV and a patch in the ceiling. Great, right?

Wrong. So, so wrong.

Winter came and as the snow melted outside the ceiling buckled again. Still determined, he went to the attic the evening I told him about the issue, only to find ICE near the “sealed” hole in the roof — I’m not kidding! There was NO insulation left up there!

It’s no wonder we were all SO cold, despite the ever-increasing energy bill! According to the Department of Energy, ‘a properly insulated attic can shave 10 to 50 percent off your heating and cooling bill.’

As our resident research fanatic, I scoured every corner of the internet to locate the best repair and insulation service. Finally, my husband relented and let me call a professional.

Enter Dick’s Roof Repair Service.

They came HIGHLY recommended by our neighbors as the #1 most used contractor, so why not? We gave them a try. And boy, did they deliver!!

Not only did they fix the damage my hubby had done with the spray seal stuff, but they finished the whole project faster than we thought possible AND helped us save even more with their Attic Insulation Special!* It was just like another happy customer pointed out on Angie’s List, ‘I never even knew they were here. They came and did the work. Cleaned up…and were gone before I got home. Sent us the bill and we paid it. Just amazing.’

If you’re freezing and/or tempted to sell your firstborn to cover energy bills like we were (kidding!), contact Dick’s Roof Repair Service to check your attic!

Thank you Dick’s!!”


Here at Dick’s, we consider each customer’s needs a priority and have for 60 years as the preferred residential roofing contractor. Thank YOU for your feedback!

*Don’t forget about our great Attic Insulation Special! New attic insulation is one of the quickest ways to recoup your money of any possible home improvement project! Kenosha and Racine residents can purchase up to 1000 square feet of additional blown-in attic insulation for just $625 during the special!

Dick's Insulation Special