Roofing in the Winter: Anything is Possible

October 26, 2018

Winter weather in many parts of the country can be extremely harsh to roofs, especially those on large commercial roofing properties. Repair and even replacement can take place in the dead of winter, preventative care and maintenance during warmer months can help business owners avoid one or both.

Snow and ice are two of the most damaging elements to roofs. Precipitation can freeze during cold nights and then thaw during the day, leading to pooling water and water seeping into cracked shingles. Water intrusion weakens shingles, leading to curling and flaking. To protect against this, it’s important to have a thorough roof inspection performed every six months.

Dick’s Roof Repair technicians are available 24/7; during routine service calls, they inspect the entire roof, including insulation, flashing, roof vents, gutters and drainage pipes. Techs are looking for cracks, holes, bubbles, debris and clogged gutters. Leaks can lead to major problems; catching them early, during a fall or spring inspection, is essential to preserving a commercial-grade roof. If Dick’s team members do find any evidence of water damage, overflowing gutters or obstructed vents Dick’s team members will repair as efficiently as possible.

Regularly scheduled service calls and solid repairs can extend the life of an average commercial roof-and that can add up to big savings for business owners. Contact Dick’s Roof Repair today to schedule out your commercial organization’s roof maintenance appointments.