Proper Attic Insulation Helps Avoid Icicles

February 8, 2019

Winter is definitely a challenging for all of us in the Kenosha area. Snowstorms followed by dangerously cold wind chills can lead to a beautiful assortment of icicles on nearly every home and building. While they are lovely to look at, icicles on your roof can be a warning sign.

Icicles form on residential gutter systems due to inadequate attic insulation. They are a symptom of ice dams, which can cause significant damage to your roof. Attics that are too warm cause snow on the roof to melt and flow down, forming into icicles.

Attics do take a beating throughout the year, especially in our part of the country. Heat rises up during the dry winter months and the sun beats down during the hot summer. Adequate insulation helps protect your home and helps eliminate ice dams.

You may not get rid of all icicles-and truth be told, they are a beautiful souvenir of Wisconsin winters, but insulating your attic with the team from Dick’s is an excellent investment. It helps protect your home and can provide cost savings on your heating and cooling bills. This is one project you shouldn’t put off.

Why Winter Works for Insulating your Attic

  • Heat is not an issue
  • Our techs have more openings
  • New insulation can help with heating bills
  • Cold temperatures and/or snow don’t stop us

While you may think the winter is not the best time to schedule insulation, or that it’s too late in the cold season, now is actually a great time to contact Dick’s Roof Repair. We can come to your home to inspect, provide a free estimate and install energy-efficient attic insulation-just as we have been doing for clients for more than 60 years.

Contact Dick’s Roof Repair today and let’s get your appointment scheduled! We can help protect your home and help make icicles an optional accessory.

Dick’s Roof Repair is here to help! We’ve been keeping  KenoshaRacineOak Creek and Franklin comfortable for 60+ years. We are offering a special through March 2020: our technicians will install R-19 grade insulation in your attic for only $725 (up to 1,000 square feet; offer expires March 31, 2020). Don’t wait to schedule your service appointment-contact Dick’s today!