Now is the time to make sure your roof is ready the holidays.

October 23, 2019

Halloween is over and the rest of the holiday season is soon to follow! Pumpkins, lights and holiday decor will begin to make their appearance – from yards to doorsteps to roofs, from Downtown Kenosha to neighborhoods in Racine. Now is the time to make sure your roof is ready the holidays.

Seasonal decorations can be hard on roofs. Your home (and roof) is built to survive what mother nature can toss at it, but human ingenuity and holiday decorations is a detail that’s hard for your roofing company (like the experts at Dick’s Roofing) to factor in. From ginormous spiders nailed haphazardly to your shingles to a team of animatronic reindeer “prancing” along your gutters, some homes can really take a beating in the name of the holiday cheer.

As always, safety is first.

  • Survey your roof first, or call the team at Dick’s Roof Repair, to assure your roof is safe to walk on or attach lights and decorations.
  • Confirm you have the right equipment. Do your ladders reach high enough or do you need safety gear to protect against potential falls?
  • Ask your friends, family or neighbors for help. Often time, holiday decor can be a little cumbersome to set up and helping hands can go along way.
  • Make sure any items that need power are regulated for outdoor use AND their power plugs are protected from the elements.

Once you have your decoration layout set, lights checked, blowups tested for air holes – now is the time to plan how you want to attach holiday items to your home.

Don’t miss these tips to keep your roof in tip-top shape during the holidays:

  • Avoid using nails on your roof. Each time you do, you create a potential for tiny leaks. Wisconsin winters can be harsh and nails can undermine the shingles quality. The additional weight from the decorations nailed into the shingles can also create additional damage.
  • Keep the large cut-outs and statues on the ground. Installing them on the roof can cause possible issues if high fall/winter winds cause those items to fall over or fly away. 
  • If you use inflatables, keep them away from chimneys, vents, power lines and tree branches. You might want to light your home for the holidays but, we assume, not by causing a potential fire. If you place an inflatable on your roof, make sure it touches nothing but the roof itself to avoid future damage.
  • If you are putting up lights, straighten them out and test them prior to hanging them. Ensure you attach them while safely using a properly sized ladder. Do not climb on the roof and attempt to bend over to hang them. Make sure you have a helper to assist with handing your lights and to help keep you safe.

Following these safety tips and rooftop hints will help you and your family enjoy your holiday decorations AND a safe roof over your head for years to come. Contact the team at Dick’s Roof Repair for more information for a FREE estimate on your roof replacement or repair today.