Avoid DIY Roof Repairs

September 28, 2020

Home improvement projects saw a boom this year with so many people spending more time at home. The DIY fans updated kitchens, fixed up bathrooms, did some lawnscaping and some even made the potentially dangerous decision of DIY roof repair.

Some roof repair projects can appear to be fairly simple, and many handymen or women have attempted to replace shingles, fix leaks or replace flashing. What is important to remember is that fixing your own roof can:

  • be very dangerous
  • cost you more than you thought
  • cause potential future problems and expenses


It should be obvious to most people that climbing on your roof is inherently dangerous. There are many potential hazards that can lead to severe injury or even death. Even if you feel confident climbing ladders or scaffolding to access your roof’s surface, do you have the experience to use power tools, swing a hammer or even climb across your roof, without any safety gear? Remember, a fall from even a one-story home could be life-threatening. Safety concerns should be a number one reason to call the experts, such as Dick’s Roof Repair.


You might think doing a fix-it-yourself on your roof is saving you money. Perhaps you feel calling a roofer for an estimate (such as the FREE one you can get from Dick’s Roof Repair) isn’t worth it. Maybe you feel the job is simple enough to take on yourself, even though you might not understand or know all the underlying issues. Updating or fixing your roof without the proper tools and experience could cause you to ignore issues a professional could spot right away. A small imperfection, overlooked by someone other than a professional, could lead to big problems down the road. DIY roof repair, done incorrectly, could lead to a mistake that a professional will have to come in later and fix. It’s also important to know if your DIY project, such as repairing your roof, is up-to-code and keeping your home safe.

The average roof replacement is about $23,000. That cost could be significantly higher if you are buying shingles, flashing, felt paper and more in small quantities. As a professional roofing company, our team has access to materials at a reduced rate, as compared to a home shopper. We are buying in larger quantities and that results in passed on savings to you.

Potential future problems:

Your home’s roof is an integral part of your home’s structure, and it is not something to be taken lightly. An incorrectly fixed issue could lead to leaks, which could weaken your roof, and that could lead to endless issues in the future from increased heating/cool bills, to massive leaking, to structure weakness or even a potential collapse of sections of your home structure. One small issue could grow quickly into a massive financial burden.

Having a professional, such as Dick’s Roof Repair, work on your home’s roof also brings the safety net of a warranty. If you or your handy person fixes an issue and it fails, you will have to replace it or call in an expert to do all of that work again. You can avoid this outcome by working with a professional. Our team takes pride in our work and our guarantee.

Additional warranties could also be jeopardized by NOT using a professional roofing company. Many shingle manufacturers, for example, only honor their warranties if they are installed by a certified company.

These are just some of the reasons to avoid updating, fixing or replacing your home’s roof without the assurance of working with a professional roofing company. Replacing or repairing your home’s roof is an important investment, and you should take the time to find a trustworthy roofing contractor, such as Dick’s Roof Repair, to complete the job. 

You can take advantage of our FREE ESTIMATES offer, and our talented team can take all needed measurements from the outside of your home. We’ll schedule a time to do a quick walk-around, take measurements and perform any other potentially required inspections, again, all from the outside of your home for the safety of you and your family.

In today’s modern era, our team is ready to communicate with you in so many ways:

  • Call us! We would love to hear from you and schedule your home for an appraisal (all from a safe distance of course).
  • Online quotes! Our online quote system is easy to use and available 24/7 on our website for your convenience.
  • Discovery calls! Do you have questions and need answers? We can set up a call with you to discuss your options.
  • Video chats! Sometimes putting a face to a name is important or perhaps you want to give us a virtual tour of your home and the issue you want to discuss.

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