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Be Safe With Your Holiday Decorations This Season

It’s that time of year when Kenosha homeowners begin bringing their outdoor holiday decorations up from the basement and begin the rewarding, yet tedious, process of decorating their homes.

Exterior decorations take special care. There is more to it than just throwing some lights at a wall and plugging them in. There are many different kinds of lights and decorations and the creative end project often requires special installation knowledge so it is as safe as it is beautiful. The last thing you want to have happen when you install your decorations is damage your roof or siding. But it can happen if you are not careful.

It is important to keep in mind the extremes in Wisconsin weather. Your installations need to be secure enough to withstand strong winds and water-tight so as not to result in electrical short-circuits. Kenosha has many “Clark Griswold wannabees” – people who try to put the maximum number of lights possible into the smallest square footage. That is fine and can be a lot of fun; but just be sure your installation techniques support whatever you do. Don’t overload fuses or outlets or cords and be sure the light cords themselves are not worn or frayed. 

When installing lights or other decorations on your roof, it is vital that you not use nails or screws in a way  that might damage the watertight integrity of your roofing system. There are options; be sure to explore and understand the best ways to attach things without creating issues for you come springtime.

The same holds true for your siding. Be sure wreath nails and screws are securely fastened to 2x4s or other boards sufficient to withstand the weight of what you are hanging.

Whether you are decorating one of those beautiful large homes near Downtown Kenosha or are participating in the annual decorating extravaganza on Christmas Lane, it is incumbent on you to install your decorations safely and securely. If you don’t feel your skills are adequate to do the installation yourself, there are local contractors who do this for a living. There is no job too large or too small for many of them.

So to install your decorations safely and securely, be sure to review the following:

  • Lights (burned our or loose bulbs)
  • Cords (discard frayed or worn cords)
  • Outlets (don’t overload too many extension cords)
  • Nails/Screws (be sure they are secure and are not going to compromise your roofing or siding)

Dick’s Roof Repair Service wants you to enjoy the holidays and show of your decorations secure in the knowledge that they will not blow off in that next storm or  blow out a fuse when it rains or snows. For over 60 years we have been Racine and Kenosha’s number one residential contractor for roofing, siding, gutters, windows and insulation. Call us at 262-654-6644 for all of your roofing and siding needs.

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Properly Insulating your Home Provides Comfort and Cost Savings

According to the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA), 90 percent of single family homes in the US are under insulated. Homes lacking the proper amount of insulation will be harder to cool in the summer and more difficult to heat in the winter. Humidity can also be a challenge with uninsulated attics.

If your home is uninsulated-or under-insulated-you may notice that it takes longer for upper-level bedrooms to cool down during warm weather. A wide fluctuation in temperature between your first and second floors is also a sign that more insulation is needed. Adding high-quality insulation in the attic will help to regular indoor temperatures, particularly to those second-floor rooms, where warm air travels naturally.

Not installing insulation in your home can lead to higher energy bills as well. Leaks or drafts around windows and doors and uninsulated attics can cost you money each month. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, homeowners can save an average of 15 percent on heating and cooling costs by cutting out those drafts and insulating important areas like your attic

Dick’s Roof Repair is here to help! We’ve been keeping  KenoshaRacineOak Creek and Franklin comfortable for 60+ years. We are offering a special through March 2020: our technicians will install R-19 grade insulation in your attic for only $725 (up to 1,000 square feet; offer expires March 31, 2020). Our qualified technicians use 100% Fireproof Blown-In Cellulose Insulation, so you can rest assured that this product will last. Don’t wait to schedule your service appointment-contact Dick’s today!

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Holiday Roof Decorations | Dick's Roofing

Now is the time to make sure your roof is ready the holidays.

Halloween is here and the rest of the holiday season is soon to follow! Pumpkins, lights and holiday decor will begin to make their appearance – from yards to doorsteps to roofs, from Downtown Kenosha to neighborhoods in Racine. Now is the time to make sure your roof is ready the holidays.

Seasonal decorations can be hard on roofs. Your home (and roof) is built to survive what mother nature can toss at it, but human ingenuity and holiday decorations is a detail that’s hard for your roofing company (like the experts at Dick’s Roofing) to factor in. From ginormous spiders nailed haphazardly to your shingles to a team of animatronic reindeer “prancing” along your gutters, some homes can really take a beating in the name of the holiday cheer.

As always, safety is first.

  • Survey your roof first, or call the team at Dick’s Roof Repair, to assure your roof is safe to walk on or attach lights and decorations.
  • Confirm you have the right equipment. Do your ladders reach high enough or do you need safety gear to protect against potential falls?
  • Ask your friends, family or neighbors for help. Often time, holiday decor can be a little cumbersome to set up and helping hands can go along way.
  • Make sure any items that need power are regulated for outdoor use AND their power plugs are protected from the elements.

Once you have your decoration layout set, lights checked, blowups tested for air holes – now is the time to plan how you want to attach holiday items to your home.

Don’t miss these tips to keep your roof in tip-top shape during the holidays:

  • Avoid using nails on your roof. Each time you do, you create a potential for tiny leaks. Wisconsin winters can be harsh and nails can undermine the shingles quality. The additional weight from the decorations nailed into the shingles can also create additional damage.
  • Keep the large cut-outs and statues on the ground. Installing them on the roof can cause possible issues if high fall/winter winds cause those items to fall over or fly away. 
  • If you use inflatables, keep them away from chimneys, vents, power lines and tree branches. You might want to light your home for the holidays but, we assume, not by causing a potential fire. If you place an inflatable on your roof, make sure it touches nothing but the roof itself to avoid future damage.
  • If you are putting up lights, straighten them out and test them prior to hanging them. Ensure you attach them while safely using a properly sized ladder. Do not climb on the roof and attempt to bend over to hang them. Make sure you have a helper to assist with handing your lights and to help keep you safe.

Following these safety tips and rooftop hints will help you and your family enjoy your holiday decorations AND a safe roof over your head for years to come. Contact the team at Dick’s Roof Repair for more information for a FREE estimate on your roof replacement or repair today.

Testimonial | Dick's Roofing

Siding With Dick’s Roof Repair, Couldn’t Be Happier

In over 60 years of business, Dick’s Roof Repair list of happy customers is extensive. From siding to roofing, we always love to hear from them.

Recently, Mount Pleasant‘s very own John Owens took the time to tell us exactly why he appreciated our company’s hard work and dedication. He worked closely with one of our team members, Oscar, on updating the look of his home with beautiful new siding. John arranged to be home during most of the project and was excited to see the work as each step was completed… he couldn’t be happier with the final results!

“I watched Oscar a fair amount over the days he was working on this project, and I can tell you that I was very impressed with his hard work, diligence and the overall quality of his work. Over many years I’ve monitored a number of workmen of different trades on projects around my home or elsewhere, and in the world of “GOOD/BETTER/BEST” I would rate Oscar’s work among the very best I’ve experienced. I appreciate some of the quality workmanship touches that your firm provides for their siding work.”

John also took the time to answer inquiries from his neighbors who are also considering siding improvements. They, too, were impressed with Oscar’s work and John told them he “was very pleased with Dick’s Roofing management and work.”

Both Oscar and the rest of the Dick’s Roof Repair team are thrilled with how happy the Owen’s family is with their new siding. Our business is serving customers in the Kenosha and Racine area with their residential exterior home improvement needs and are dedicated to keeping our customers happy.

Find out more about what we can do for you and for the place you call home. Contact Dick’s Roof Repair Service today at 262-654-6644 for all of your roofing and siding needs.

Replace Your Roof Before Winter | Dick's Roofing

Replace Your Roof Before Winter Hits

We made it through the dog days of summer and cooler fall temperatures – along with the beautiful Wisconsin fall colors – will soon be upon us. It’s a perfect time of year to have your roof inspected by the trained roof technicians at Dick’s Roof Repair. There is only one choice when it comes to experience, skill and commitment to our customers.  The team at Dick’s is here to provide roof repair or total replacement, depending upon the state of the shingles and underlay. Whatever the roofing project, we will work with you to find the best, most cost-effective solution. 

Whether you are noticing leaks, curling shingles or signs of water damage, our team will come to your home to provide a thorough inspection and a free, detailed estimate for repair or replacement. 

Not only is this a great time of year to schedule a call, but there are more options than ever for vibrant new shingle colors and eco-friendly roofing materials. Do you have a flat roof that needs help? Our technicians can install GacoFlex rubber coating to protect it and improve durability. GacoFlex helps you avoid an expensive tear-off (and doesn’t clutter up our landfills) and also provides energy cost savings. 

Maybe you are looking for specialty shingles or have a unique roof line? In our 60+ years of serving customers in southeastern Wisconsin, we have experience with nearly every type of residential roof style and size. 

This level of experience is important; you can feel confident that our technicians are well-trained, informed and up to date on the latest products and roof replacement trends. They are also happy to answer any questions about the repair or replacement process and will provide a free estimate for all work. 

Contact us and let’s get started on an energy-efficient, updated roof. 

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Colorful Options for Your Home’s Siding and Roof

Many of us think of siding as one way to keep our homes warm and cozy during cold weather. But quality siding can also help keep your home cool – and your energy bills lower- –  in the summer heat. As siding ages, it becomes less energy-efficient, allowing more drafts and warm air to seep in. Now is a perfect time to have your siding inspected by a technician from Dick’s Roof Repair.  

Our team members are trained to look for:

  • damaged or cracked siding
  • siding that is extremely faded in color or blistering in spots
  • siding that is bulging 

Once the inspection is complete, our specialists can offer their suggestions and discuss repairing or replacing with you. These days, there are a variety of options and materials, depending upon the size of your home and your budget. Many customers are choosing colors that are brand new to the market and add a pop of color to their home. Popular collections from Mastic Vinyl Siding include Carvedwood Premium Dark colors and Carvedwood Solar Defense Premium colors, as well as their cedar discovery shake and shingle siding. As a bonus, homeowners can use an online tool to view different color options and see what they like best. PlyGem offers a home exterior visualizer tool

Siding and shingle manufacturers are both thinking outside the box. If you’d like to take a virtual tour to see how a certain roof color might look on your home, we are big fans of Owens Corning’s visualizer platform. It’s an easy way to scroll through some of the latest color options before making a final decision.  The Artisan series of shingles by Owen Corning, for instance, includes a variety of designer colors, including the 2018 Color of the Year, black sable.

Contact the team at Dick’s Roof Repair today for a thorough inspection and estimate. Then have fun with all the color options! We will help you transform your home’s exterior, while increasing its energy efficiency. Don’t delay!

GacoFlex® Products Help You Get the Most Out of Your Roof

Technology has impacted all areas of the housing market and Dick’s Roof Repair is constantly on the look-out for innovative new products that will save our customers money. Our top picks are high-quality, durable products that increase efficiency and are gentle on the environment.

Gaco Western is a manufacturer of roofing products that fit all those criteria. We have worked closely with them over the past few years. We are big fans of their GacoFlex ® and GacoRoof ® silicone roof coating systems.

The 100% silicone-based sealant makes it long-lasting and a great value for refreshing residential and commercial roofs. It also helps home- and business owners avoid the cost of a full tear-off – no big expense and no big load of shingles to take to the landfill. In addition, the reflective, glossy finish of GacoFlex products can help you save on heating and cooling bills.

The GacoFlex ® S4200 helps protect your roof from pooling water, severe weather and UV rays. The high adhesion S4200 does not need primer and requires only one layer of coating, which allows for faster installation time.

Dick’s Roof Repair is the only local contractor to be certified by Gaco Western to install their products. All GacoRoof ® silicone coatings come with a 50-year limited warranty (product only) and a 5-year labor warranty. (Additional, extended labor warranties can be purchased). Plus – GacoFlex ® can be applied over nearly every type of roof substrate including metal, single-ply membrane, mineral cap sheets and built-up roofing.

Whether you are in the market for roof repair or replacement, the team at Dick’s has the experience and the qualifications to get your commercial or residential project done efficiently; excellent customer service is our goal for every project, big or small. We are the area’s largest and most reliable roof repair company. We have been serving clients in southeastern Wisconsin for more than 60 years. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.

Roof Repair or Replacement Help

Here in southeastern Wisconsin, when May flowers pop up, we tend to be cautiously optimistic that spring has finally arrived. Although springtime often brings showers and storms, many homeowners get back outside to start lawn and landscaping projects. Those projects often include exterior renovations to homes large and small. Heavy rains can often highlight problems with a home’s roof, including worn-out shingles.

Springtime is an excellent time to schedule an appointment with Dick’s expert roofing technicians and to take advantage of our FREE estimates. They can come to your home to personally inspect your roof and provide suggestions for repair or replacement. Replacing a roof is not a quick process, but it does add visual appeal as well as increased equity in your home. In fact, research has shown that a new roof can add 15-40% to the value of a home.

If your roof is newer and in good shape, the Dick’s team can help with minor repairs and insulation projects. We have been servicing clients in the Kenosha and Racine area for more than 60 years. We are experienced, qualified and up-to-date on roofing trends and the latest products.  

Some of the roofing-related projects we can assist with include:

  • .060 EPDM -flat and low-slope roofs
  • GACOFlex Roof Coating – flat and low slope roofs
  • Real Estate Inspections ($100 service fee with inspection report)
  • Roof Repairs
  • Chimney Flashing Replacement
  • Velux Skylight Replacement
  • Cedar Shake Tear- Offs & Re-Roof
  • Asphalt Shingle Tear-Offs & Re-Roof

Contact Dick’s Roof Repair today to schedule your consultation. Take advantage of the warmer weather – and our decades of experience  – and get your roofing project completed!

Spring Roofing | Dick's Roofing

Spring Ahead and Let the Experts at Dick’s Roof Repair Help with your Roof Project

Now that we’ve survived another Wisconsin winter and the snow has melted, it’s much easier to see curling or worn out shingles and weak or discolored spots on your roof. Spring is an excellent time to contact Dick’s Roof Repair for a free, customized estimate. Our trained technicians will do a thorough inspection of your roof and then discuss all your repair or replacement options.

For well over 60 years, Dick’s Roof Repair has been serving customers all over southeastern Wisconsin. We are proud to offer a wide selection of quality shingles, to provide our customers with options-whether your home is new or vintage, whether it spans acres in Bristol or sits on a cozy city lot in Kenosha. We also keep up with industry trends, and use the latest, energy-efficient roofing products.

Repairing or replacing a roof is not a quick or an easy task. You want to be sure that the technicians working on your home are qualified, well-trained and experienced. Dick’s Roof Repair is Wisconsin state certified and fully insured in all areas of roofing, including:

  • Repair
  • Replacement
  • Tear-off
  • Rubber roofing
  • Real estate roof inspections

Have a unique roof line? We can help! Our specialists can install top-quality rubber roofing on dormers or flat roofs; we offer two great options to our customers: our .060 EPDM offer a 15-year warranty – or our techs can use GACO 100% Silicone coating to protect and extend the life of your existing rubber roof.

If your home has skylights that are showing their age, Dick’s Roof Repair team can give an estimate on maintenance needed. We are proud to offer repair or replacement of premium Velux Skylights, in nearly any room in your home.

No matter what roofing project you need, Dick’s Roof Repair can help! We also offer peace of mind with our 10-year workmanship warranty. Contact us today for your FREE estimate.

See Your Home’s Value Clearly with New Windows from Dick’s Roof Repair

See Your Home’s Value Clearly with New Windows from Dick’s Roof Repair

Chicago is known as the Windy City, but the Kenosha and Racine areas are no stranger to gales and gusts. When the wind blows around your home-whether it’s off Lake Michigan or closer to Lake Andrea-drafts can come in very easily if you have older, poorly maintained windows. Windows that lack proper insulation, were installed incorrectly or that simply don’t fit well, will end up making your home colder in the winter and too warm in the summer.

In addition, windows that are difficult to open or that won’t stay open are not only frustrating-they are not safe, either. These issues, if put off, can lead to larger ones down the road.

Not to worry, though! Dick’s Roof Repair technicians can come to your home to assess the condition of your windows and provide a free estimate. Our specialists work with top-quality window manufacturers, including Norandex Perfexion, which is an AAMA Gold Label Certified product. While replacing windows can be expensive, homeowners typically see a 70-80% return on their investment when they resell, according to industry studies.

At Dick’s Roof Repair Service, we can guide you through the selection process to provide you with the correct replacement windows that fit your needs and your budget. There are a variety of styles and additional features available. Once we find the best option, we will work with your schedule to get the windows installed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

New, energy-efficient windows also have a positive effect on your heating and cooling bills. We all know how unpredictable Wisconsin weather can be. New windows can help maintain a warm, cozy indoor temperature during the winter months. They are also easy to open during nice weather; both options can lead to savings on energy bills.

Dick’s has been proudly serving satisfied customers in southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois for more than 60 years.  Give us a call to schedule your free estimate and we’ll gladly take all the time you need to go over all your options.

Icicles On Roof Gutter Due to a Lack of Proper Attic Insulation

Proper Attic Insulation Helps Avoid Icicles

Last month was definitely a challenging one for all of us in the Kenosha area. Snowstorms followed by dangerously cold wind chills led to a beautiful assortment of icicles on nearly every home and building. While they are lovely to look at, icicles on your roof can be a warning sign.

Icicles form on residential gutter systems due to inadequate attic insulation. They are a symptom of ice dams, which can cause significant damage to your roof. Attics that are too warm cause snow on the roof to melt and flow down, forming into icicles.

Attics do take a beating throughout the year, especially in our part of the country. Heat rises up during the dry winter months and the sun beats down during the hot summer. Adequate insulation helps protect your home and helps eliminate ice dams.

You may not get rid of all icicles-and truth be told, they are a beautiful souvenir of Wisconsin winters, but insulating your attic with the team from Dick’s is an excellent investment. It helps protect your home and can provide cost savings on your heating and cooling bills. This is one project you shouldn’t put off.

Why Winter Works for Insulating your Attic

  • Heat is not an issue
  • Our techs have more openings
  • New insulation can help with heating bills
  • Cold temperatures and/or snow don’t stop us

While you may think the winter is not the best time to schedule insulation, or that it’s too late in the cold season, now is actually a great time to contact Dick’s Roof Repair. We can come to your home to inspect, provide a free estimate and install energy-efficient attic insulation-just as we have been doing for clients for more than 60 years.

Contact Dick’s Roof Repair today and let’s get your appointment scheduled! We can help protect your home and help make icicles an optional accessory.

Snow Cover, Unsightly Siding? Contact Dick's Roofing

Unsightly Siding this Winter? We Can Help!

Describing Wisconsin’s winter weather has unpredictable is an understatement! Kenosha-area residents have enjoyed temperatures near 50 and have suffered through bitterly cold wind chills. Most of us have lots of layering options to deal with the wide temperature swings, but your home’s siding may not tolerate them as well.

Homes near Downtown Kenosha and  Lake Michigan bear the brunt of winds coming off the lake, just as homes west of the I, in more rural areas, withstand strong winds barreling through fields and open areas. Regardless of where in southeastern Wisconsin you call home, winter weather takes a toll on your  home. If you are concerned about damaged siding, contact Dick’s Roof Repair for an assessment.

If you notice cracks, gaps or holes, those are areas where water can easily infiltrate-along with small animals and insects. Pooling water and/or damage caused by animals can lead to larger problems with siding. Contact Dick’s at the first sign of damage; our techs will come to your home to do a thorough inspection.

Another point of concern is any area where you feel a draft-particularly around windows and doors. This could be due to lack of insulation or worn-out siding. There are many energy-efficient siding choices available to homeowners today. Let our team explain all of your options to you. Updated, environmentally-friendly home siding can lead to lower energy bills and a home that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It can also add to your home’s curb appeal-and resale value.

Dick’s Roof Repair has been repairing and replacing siding in the Kenosha area for more than 50 years. We are the largest and most reliable roof repair company in Kenosha and Racine. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service-at all times of year, in all kinds of weather. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Is Your Roof Ready for the New Year? Dick's Roof Repair

Is Your Roof Ready for the New Year?

The holidays are a festive time of year, but they can also be exhausting. Your roof may be showing signs of fatigue these days, too! If you can’t recall the last time you had new shingles put on, if your shingles are curling or have lots of bare spots-or if heavy rains lead to a nervous waiting game of when the leaking will start-it may be time to consider replacement.

The team at Dick’s Roof Repair is here to help! Our experienced technicians will come to your location, perform a careful assessment of your roof and then provide a free, detailed estimate. We want you to know your options. Sometimes we can make an aging roof as good as new with just a new layer of shingles or repairing bare spots. As roofs age, however, more issues may crop up. If your current roof is more than 20-25 years old, chances are greater that replacement may be needed.

Another sign to watch for: if your gutters are becoming full of granules from your shingles. As shingles age, they can begin to lose granules. Moisture damage can also occur; if that happens, you’ll notice a spongy feel when walking on your roof.

Whether you live in an older home in Kenosha’s historic Allendale neighborhood, or a more modern house on the west side, Dick’s Roof Repair team will treat your home with care, skill and consideration. Our experienced crew is used to working in and around cold Wisconsin weather. Rest assured that we will complete your roofing project as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you need a free estimate or consultation on the condition of your roof, Dick’s Roofing is the place Kenoshans call to get the best product at the best price. Contact us today!

Ice Dams | Dick's Roofing

Lack of Attic Insulation Leads to Ice Dams

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” is a great song for this time of year but, unfortunately, all that cold and snow can also mean ‘tis the season of ice dams.

Ice dams forming in your home’s gutter system is caused by the lack of proper insulation in your attic.  If your attic is too warm, this causes the snow on your roof to melt. As that melting snow pools into your gutters, it freezes and BAM, you have an ice dam.  This can cause havoc to your gutter system,  your roof in general and, eventually, it can cause serious water damage to your home.

A great rule of thumb, when it comes to your attic, is “if it’s too warm, cool it.” Your attic temperature is a result of heat rising from the inside of your home combined with the the heat from the sun shining on your roof.  Without proper insulation, your attic can become a hot little nest egg of trouble.

There are “bandaid” fixes for your ice dam issues. You could install heat tape (heat wire.) This is a heated wire system, across your roof, that creates pathways for melted snow to flow off your roof.  It is not a cheap system to install and it will also increase your electric bill. You can also make a point to rake your roof in the winter. Manually removing the snow, after each snowfall, can decrease your chances of an ice dam. But keep in mind that these are just temporary fixes.

Your best option, when it comes to eliminating ice dams, is to insulate your attic. Even Tom Silva, from “This Old House” agrees that the best way to eliminate ice dams is to properly insulate your attic.

Luckily, now is the time of year best suited for updating, replacing or installing new insulation in your attic area. If your attic is the “arctic tundra” in the winter and becomes the “Serengeti desert” in the height of summer, now is time to take action.  Inspection, installation and clean up is much easier and more comfortable at this time of year, both for you and your contractor.

Take care of your attic’s insulation needs.  Dick’s Roof Repair team can inspect and insulate your home for you. Take advantage of our Attic Insulation Special and insulate up to 1,000 sq. ft. with an R-19 rating for only $675.

Contact Dick’s Roof Repair today!

Expires 3/1/19

Telltale Signs of Winter Roof Damage

Telltale Signs of Winter Roof Damage

There are many signs that indicate your roof is in need of attention. Sometimes, in the cold of winter, these signs become more self-evident as a result of melting snow, cascading ice or just the expansion and contraction of roof elements as a result of changes in the weather.

At Dick’s Roofing, we are experts in pinpointing what is causing the leak you may be experiencing, the wear you may be seeing or just the sounds you might hear that give you pause about the condition of the roof over your head.

The age of your roof is obviously a major factor in considering repair versus replacement. Most roofing experts will tell you most roofs should have a lifespan of 20 to 25 years. That is not a hard and fast rule. It is just the composite average of what most roofs do. Whether or not your roof was installed over old shingles will also affect how soon you need it replaced. Generally speaking, you can subtract approximately five years from the expected lifespan of a roof that was installed over old shingles. An excessive amount of granules in your gutters are also a sign of an aging roof.

One telltale indication of an aging, faulty roof is curling or buckling shingles. If you are witnessing this on your roof it may be time to call Dick’s for an estimate on getting it repaired before the curling and buckling results in more damage from leaks.

Roof valleys also need to be monitored closely. Snow and rain flow through valleys to the gutters and leaks often develop in those areas. You can often check in your attic to see if leaks are becoming evident in areas where the roofing is dipping.

If your house is missing shingles, you should ask Dick’s to ascertain if you need an entire new roof, or if you can get by with a repair of the area affected. Sometimes missing shingles are an indication that there are bigger issues pending with your entire roof. But there are times, as well, where wind or storm damage might affect only a small area and you can get by with a simple repair.

Chimney flashing should be watched closely in the winter. If the original flashing was done with roof cement or tar, you should consider replacing it with water tight metal flashing.

Daylight showing through into your attic means you need to do something quickly. If you are walking on the roof and your footing feels spongy or bouncy, you may have moisture damage to the underlying decking.

Animals in the attic often find their way in through holes in the roof. You would be amazed at how small a hole can be for an animal and still find their way in.

Dick’s Roofing is already scheduling roof replacements into the spring of 2017. If you need an free estimate or consultation on the condition of your roof, Dick’s Roofing is the place Kenoshans call to get the best product at the best price. We specialize in happy customers. Call today to make an appointment.


Icicles on roofs cause damage

Icicles On Your Roof Are A Sign Of Trouble

Have you ever been tempted, or dared, to stick your tongue on an icicle? First off, don’t do it because you might get stuck. Second of all, have you ever wondered why your home is covered those beautiful (but damaging) icicles anyway?

Icicles can be amazing! In the winter, you can see them everywhere but, if your home has them hanging from your roof, it is a sign of trouble.

Icicles are a symptom of ice dams. They form in your home’s gutter system due to lack of proper insulation in your attic. If your attic is too warm, this causes the snow on your roof to melt. As that melting snow pools into your gutters and freezes, the over flow eventually forms into the lovely icicle … that you might have just froze your tongue to.

Icicles and the ice dams behind them, can cause serious damage to your roof, your gutter systems and, eventually, can cause expensive water damage to your home.

The best solution to decreasing your home’s chances for these winter decorations is to properly insulate your attic. Between the heat rising up from the inside of your home to the heat of the sun beating down on your roof, the attic becomes an important player in the war against winter roof damage.

Unfortunately, chances are that you will not be able eliminate icicles from your home entirely. There are always a few sources of heat that will continue to sneak into your home’s attic. Plumbing stacks, bathrooms, chimneys, dryer vents – these are all points of weakness that can’t be helped.

Proper attic insulation is still your best defense against those beautiful and damaging roof decorations. With a properly insulated attic, your home can eliminate ice dams and thus a majority of icicles as well.

The season of icicles is the best season for you to have your attic worked on. Inspection, installation and clean up is much easier and more comfortable at this time of year, both for you and your contractor. You can also take advantage of our Attic Insulation Special and insulate up to 1,000 sq. ft. with an R-19 rating for only $575.

For more information on ice dams, don’t miss Dick’s Roof Repair’s blog: Lack of Attic Insulation Leads to Ice Dams

Contact Dick’s Roof Repair today!


Roofing in the Winter | Dick's Roofing

Roofing in the Winter: Anything is Possible

Winter weather in many parts of the country can be extremely harsh to roofs, especially those on large commercial roofing properties. Repair and even replacement can take place in the dead of winter, preventative care and maintenance during warmer months can help business owners avoid one or both.

Snow and ice are two of the most damaging elements to roofs. Precipitation can freeze during cold nights and then thaw during the day, leading to pooling water and water seeping into cracked shingles. Water intrusion weakens shingles, leading to curling and flaking. To protect against this, it’s important to have a thorough roof inspection performed every six months.

Dick’s Roof Repair technicians are available 24/7; during routine service calls, they inspect the entire roof, including insulation, flashing, roof vents, gutters and drainage pipes. Techs are looking for cracks, holes, bubbles, debris and clogged gutters. Leaks can lead to major problems; catching them early, during a fall or spring inspection, is essential to preserving a commercial-grade roof. If Dick’s team members do find any evidence of water damage, overflowing gutters or obstructed vents Dick’s team members will repair as efficiently as possible.

Regularly scheduled service calls and solid repairs can extend the life of an average commercial roof-and that can add up to big savings for business owners. Contact Dick’s Roof Repair today to schedule out your commercial organization’s roof maintenance appointments.

Making an Investment in Your Home

Making an Investment in Your Home

When you can not only hear but feel the wind coming in through your siding, you may need to think about having newer, more energy efficient siding installed. Or-when the rain coming down outside is now also inside, it is likely time to consider having a new roof installed. These projects are definitely better done before winter in Wisconsin bears down. The technicians at Dick’s Roof Repair should be your first call!

Areas of concern on older roofs include curling shingles, clogged gutters and shingles that have lost a lot of their granules. The more widespread these areas are, the more likely that you may want to consider replacement. (Another reason to consider replacement: putting your home on the market. Buyers love to see that a home has had a new roof installed recently. It provides peace of mind and, ideally, encourages a higher offer). Dick’s techs are experienced, trained professionals who take pride in meeting each customer’s needs. They meet with you to go over siding and roofing options.

Like your shingles, a worn or damaged portion of siding does not always necessitate total replacement. Many homes in our area have vinyl siding, which typically lasts 10-15 years. Vinyl siding comes in a variety of colors; if you’re replacing it, you may want to choose a slightly different color to completely transform your home. Vinyl is also a cost-effective and durable option.

Contact the specialists at Dick’s Roof Repair specialists to discuss roof or siding replacement projects. Stay warm, dry and cozy inside this winter while the snowflakes swirl outside!

Roofing 101 | Dick's Roofing

Roofing 101: Don’t Procrastinate

Many of us are parents and spend at least part of the late summer preparing to send our children back to school. Whether they are heading to kindergarten or starting college, they need certain supplies to be successful and to function well. Your house does, too. Don’t put off repairing or replacing your roof.

School supplies eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Roofs are no different. Whether you live in near Downtown Kenosha and have Lake Michigan as your backyard, or on sprawling acres in western Kenosha County, proper maintenance of your home’s roof is essential. As fall moves toward winter, homes in Wisconsin need solid protection from the elements. Now is the time to have your roof checked by Dick’s Roof Repair-before our notorious winter weather hits and before our qualified, skilled technicians get booked up!

Our roofing specialists can identify needed repairs or, in some cases, complete replacement. While at your home, they will conduct a thorough inspection of all areas of your roof, noting any areas of uneven wear, curling or cracked shingles, damaged flashing, water damage and obsolescence. Dick’s Roof Repair technicians will talk with you about their findings and make a recommendation.

Don’t wait to schedule your roof inspection! Contact Dick’s Roof Repair Services today or call us at 262-947-4539 for a FREE Estimate. A repair or replacement project is much easier to schedule-and complete-during the cool fall months. Be sure that your home is ready for anything Wisconsin weather can dish out.

Quality Work-Plus Warranties

Dick’s Roofing and Repair Provides Quality Work-Plus Warranties!

Dick’s Roofing and Repair has been proudly serving customers in southeastern Wisconsin for 62 years. This level of experience is important to potential customers. Having repair work, a new layer of shingles or an entirely new roof installed is a large undertaking and can be a large expense-whether you own one of Downtown Kenosha‘s lakefront homes, a Colonial in Lincoln Park, or a mid-century ranch. The team at Dick’s Roofing understands that-we use only the best and most technically advanced roofing products.

Clients expect the work-and the roof-to last through many of our infamous frigid Wisconsin winters. To help ensure this longevity, Dick’s Roofing and Repair offers valuable warranties to both residential and commercial clients.

A standard residential roof installation comes with a 10-year workmanship warranty (excluding damage caused by ice and snow).

For commercial clients, who select the GACO S-20 silicone roof coating, there are 10-, 15-, and 20-year warranties available. This extra layer of security offers peace of mind to larger clients; they can be confident in the attention to detail by Dick’s Roofing team and appreciative of the different warranty options available as well. This level of quality and service truly sets Dick’s apart from the competition.

Dick’s long list of services also includes siding repair and replacement. Siding is often a more cost-effective option than brick; check out photos from some of our recent projects to see how attractive and durable it can be. After a careful review of the project details and the location, Dick’s will prepare a written estimate. Once the project is approved and completed, the five-year guarantee on workmanship offers additional reassurance in the quality of the product.

Dick’s Roof Repair Service is a full-service, state-certified and insured roofing contractor, serving Kenosha and Racine since 1957. Contact us today at or 262-947-4539 to find out why we are Kenosha and Racine’s #1 roofing, siding, gutters, windows and insulation contractor!