Low Sloping Roof Installation and Repair

Are you thinking about replacing the flat roof on your building? Then look no further than Dick’s Roof Repair Service. Dick’s is Kenosha and Racine’s preferred flat roof (also known as a low sloping roof) contractor. Dick’s has the knowledge and experience needed to complete your flat roof project successfully.

Flat and low slope roofs look attractive on a wide range of architectural styles and commercial buildings. You can even find a flat and low slope roof on the dormers and porches/balconies of residential homes. If you have an existing commercial building with a low slope roof, here are some reasons to have Dick’s Roof Repair Service inspect the roof.

  • There is ponding water on the roof.
  • There are alligator cracks in the roof, also known as large cracks.
  • The rubber from the low slope roof is pulling away from any of the walls.
  • The seams in the low slope roof have failed or are leaking.

If any of the above is happening on your low slope roof, than it is time to have Dick’s Roof Repair Service install a new roof on your commercial building.  

Dick’s Roofing utilizes EPDM (Ethyline Propolyne Diene Terpolymer), which is the most commonly installed single-ply membrane for both residential and commercial applications, and is also a cost effective way to replace the roof. EPDM roofs come in different thicknesses, but we at Dick’s Roofing use the 0.60 mil, as it is a heavier rubber roofing.

EPDM is a single-ply rubber roofing membrane that is resistant to weathering, and abrasion damage. Because of its tolerance to a wide array of weather conditions including wind and hail, EPDM is one of the most sustainable and environmental materials currently used in the commercial roofing industry. An EPDM roof is a fully adhered system, which due to recent technology advances, has become a leading choice in second generation applications. It is ideal for reroof situations, as the previous roof can be torn out or it could go over the existing roof depending on what is currently installed on your roof.

Installation of a low slope roof is to be done in the spring, summer or early fall. Dick’s Roof Repair Service is your preferred commercial low slope roofing contractor who has the knowledge to navigate the intricacies of different commercial roofing systems – for new installations and repairs. We will evaluate your current commercial building’s roof and recommend the best possible solution. Contact Dick’s Roof Repair Service today to discuss your commercial buildings low slope roof project.

Maintaining and Extending the life of your existing flat roof

Maintaining and Extending the life of your existing flat roof

If you have an existing low-slope roofing system, also known as a flat roof, it is important to protect and maintain the flat roof. We at Dick’s Roof Repair Service are your local experts in polyglass coatings and flat roof maintenance. There are several keys to properly maintain and extend the life of your existing flat roof.

1. Apply a Polyglass Coating
Applying a Polyglass coating to a roof that is 10 – 15 years old can extend the life of the roof by up to 10 years and increase energy savings. We utilize Polyglass 700 which can be applied to EPDM Roofs, Torch Down Roofs, Granulated Roofs, PVC Roofs and Metal roof services.

2. Benefits of a Polyglass Coating
A Polyglass Coating will provide a long-term roof-top exposure that is skid resistant, UV resistant, energy efficient, and non-abrasive. Polyglass 700 is a bright white water-based elastomeric coating which forms a seamless membrane when applied to the roof. Not to mention, the white is used for maximum reflectivity to protect the roof from ultraviolet sunlight and other weather exposures.

3. Conduct Frequent Inspections
A consistent roof inspection schedule should be in place after the polyglass coating has been applied. This will help you catch and eliminate any issues before they arise.

4. Maintain Drainage System
A flat roof relies on a properly installed and designed drainage system to prevent unwanted standing water, which could cause the roofing materials to breakdown and eventually leak along the seams. To help protect against that, you want to make sure that all drainage outlets are functioning properly and are not blocked by any debris such as leaves.

By following these simple steps and working with our expert team at Dick’s Roof Repair Service, you can extend the life of your flat roof for many years.

Contact Dick’s Roofing today for a free estimate to apply a Polyglass Coating to your Flat Roof.