Winter Siding Damage

Don’t Miss these Signs of Winter Siding Damage

Winter, with all of it’s beautiful snow and ice, can be hard on your home, especially on your siding. Siding issues caused by the winter can create ice dams, leaks, cracks and drafts that will make your home cold, increase your heating bill and cause serious winter siding damage.

Vinyl siding:

Freezing cold temperatures can cause your home’s vinyl siding to be brittle, resulting in cracking or breakage. These pieces can not be repaired, only replaced. Cracks can create passages for both heat to escape and for moisture to get in.

Wood siding:

Heavy snow can cause the lamination on your wood siding to wear off. This leaves the wood exposed to moisture that can cause rot. If the rot is unchecked, this could cause extensive damage to your home’s structure, roof and interior.

Missing or dislodged siding:

If a winter storm has caused sections of your siding to come off, your home is now missing a vital defense against heat loss and moisture. The same can be said for any siding that has become dislodged. Sections of siding that are no longer interlocked properly can result in poor home insulation and future water damage.

Painting: If your siding needs painting more frequently than every 8-10 years, this could be a sign of possible structural problems. Peeling paint inside your home can also be a sign that your siding is allowing too much moisture in.

Warped siding:

If your home has experienced moisture damage, your siding could appear warped. This should be inspected before the potential damage becomes too extensive.

Holes or cracks:

Although holes are often a sign of insect problems, cracks are more likely to be caused by weather damage.

Heating bill:  

If your home’s heating bill is continuing to increase, this could be a sign of old or damaged siding. Your siding helps to regulate your home temperature and any siding damage can affect that balance.

Dick’s Roofing is already scheduling siding repairs and replacements into the spring of 2017. If you need an FREE estimate or consultation on the condition of your siding, Dick’s Roofing is the place Kenoshans call to get the best product at the best price. We specialize in happy customers. Call today to make an appointment.

Vinyl Siding After Picture

Outside Home Improvements Pay Off in Long Term Value of Your Home

When you are selling your home, the old saying, if people drive by your home and are not impressed by the outside, they are not going to walk inside, holds true. Curb appeal is a major reason that siding replacement ranks so highly on the cost versus value report. Replacing your siding brings not only added value to your home, but is low maintenance and is an important issue for the cost-conscious home buyer. Some of the most popular products are vinyl siding and LP Smart siding. Dick’s Roof Repair can remove your old siding, install new insulation, and re-side your home to make it more energy efficient, saving you money for years to come.

With the weather being nice and everyone outside, homeowners are more aware of the curb appeal of their own home as well as the homes in their neighborhood. Everyone loves to show off a remodeled bathroom or kitchen but you need your siding and roof for your home to work. They are part of the foundation of your home and are needed to protect the interior of your home. When replacing the exterior of your home, it is more of a need than a want. We at Dick’s Roof Repair understand the impact that repairing / replacing exterior areas of your home can have on your family.

More homeowners tend to go with vinyl siding because it is the most cost effective siding, it is maintenance free, and it comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. Vinyl siding costs about 11 percent less than cedar siding and 26 percent less than aluminum siding, which is another reason why it has become a popular choice for siding in the Kenosha and Racine area.  

Another siding option that homeowners select is LP Smart Siding, which offers all the warmth and beauty of traditional wood siding while providing the durability of a treated wood product. The LP siding has the same look and feel as cedar siding but comes with a maintenance free paint warranty; not to mention it has a primer that is resistant to termites, woodpeckers, carpenter ants, etc.

When potential home buyers look at a house, they will add the cost of remodeling the bathroom and kitchen into their purchase price. The one thing that people don’t want to figure into the cost of when they purchase a home is the replacement of the roof, siding and windows. They want those to already be completed. It is not glamorous to show off the new roof of your home, but it is a necessity.

Exterior projects, such as re-siding your home, is a major decision for any family, but one that is usually needed. By choosing Dick’s Roof Repair, you can be confident that you hired a quality, experienced contractor with over 60 years experience. Contact Dick’s Roof Repair today for a free estimate.

Siding Contractor

Selecting The Right Siding and Contractor For Your Home

Dick’s Roof Repair Service has been providing Kenosha and Racine residents with top quality workmanship and reliable service since 1957. With almost 60 years of experience, Dick’s Roof Repair Service has the knowledge and experience to re-side your home and make it more energy efficient. We work with you every step of the way from analyzing your needs, providing a free estimate to completing the job and servicing our warranties. Here is what you need to know to select the right siding and contractor your home.

1. Know When to Replace Your Siding

The appearance of fungus, obvious separation of seams, caulking failure, swelling, boards that no longer lay flat against your house, and moisture on the inside of your house, all could be signs of siding failure.

2. How Long Does Siding Last?

Existing vinyl siding can span a lifetime; anywhere between 20-40 years.  

3. Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding costs about 11 percent less than cedar siding and 26% less than aluminum siding, which is why vinyl has become the most popular choice in siding. Dick’s Roof Repair Service utilizes these siding options in Kenosha and Racine; Mastic 0.42 Ovation, Mastic 0.44 Carvewood, and Mastic 0.46 Quest. For more information, visit the Mastic website.  

4. Other Siding Options for the Kenosha and Racine Area

The most popular siding options in Kenosha and Racine besides Vinyl Siding, are LP Siding and Cement Board Siding. The LP siding products that we utilize in Kenosha and Racine is the Pre-Finisher (Cedar Siding Inc) has a 15 year labor and limited lifetime paint warranty for the CSI painted LP (2-coat). LP’s warranty on their substrate is a 5 year labor and 50 year material warranty. For Cement Board Siding, Dick’s Roofing utilizes the James Hardie HZ5, which has a 30 year double warranty on substrate and a 15 year paint warranty. 

5. Siding Warranties

Siding warranties offered by vinyl manufacturers are generally lifelong and transferable.

6. Find Out How Long The Contractor Has Been In Business

Dick’s Roof Repair Service has been practicing siding installation and repair in Kenosha and Racine since 1957.

7. Ask Your Contractor About Their Warranties

Dick’s Roof Repair Service provides a 10-year workmanship warranty that includes any leaks or material that should damage to the siding occur due to the installation. You will also receive the manufacturer’s warranty for the product being installed  as well which is typically for 20 – 40 years. You can rest assured that the investment of new siding to your home is well protected.

8. Dick’s Roofing Provides References

Still not sold that we are the #1 roofing and siding company in Kenosha and Racine? Just ask our customers and they will tell you why they loved working with us and how we completed their project in a timely fashion and hassle-free. Take a look at some of our projects we did in the gallery on our website.

By choosing a licensed contractor with years of experience like Dick’s Roof Repair Service, you will be assured and confident that you hired the right contractor. Contact Dick’s Roof Repair Service today for a free estimate and to schedule your siding installation for this summer.