How a Siding Replacement Can Save You Money

May 12, 2021

Do you have dents in your aluminum siding? Is your vinyl siding ripped? Is there wear and tear on the old siding you inherited from a previous homeowner?

If so, it might be time for some home improvement and time to replace your home’s siding.

Luckily, Dick’s Roof Repair, KenoshaRacine‘s favorite roofing contractor, also does siding repair and replacement. 

We will replace whatever siding you currently have with an updated product that will make your house look new and save you money.

If you’re tired of short-term fixes and repeated siding repairs, we’re your team.

Why Get New Siding in Kenosha and Racine?

Anyone living in Southeast Wisconsin knows your home’s siding plays a significant role in protecting us from our weather extremes.

The weather extremes make siding updates a common occurrence throughout Kenosha and Racine county. But fortunately, Dick’s Roof Repair has the experience and expertise to help you select the right siding for your needs before proceeding with a siding installation.

You might ask, “Isn’t new siding a big investment? Can it save us money over the long term?”

  • Old Siding Removal Exposes Any Structural Problems

Removing old siding is a money-saving option people don’t often consider. With different siding materials providing such thorough coverage and protection, it’s hard to know if there’s damage lurking underneath.

Here are a few possibilities:

  • Water incursion
  • Mold growth
  • Wood rot
  • Insect damage
  • Structural flaws

Siding replacement is your chance to take care of these and other issues inside your walls before they cause further damage. You can then proceed with the siding installation with complete peace of mind.

  • It Saves Time and Money Spent on Pest Control

Old siding develops gaps and holes over time. And since pests like termites, ants, bees, and mice eat away at wood — especially when it’s damp—they’ll enter through these openings like unwanted guests.

We’ll check on your home’s frame and other interior parts during a new siding installation process.We’ll repair what we’re able to and make referrals for anything needing a specialist.

We will also show you how to identify any that might emerge over time and require siding repair once you have your new siding.

  • Siding Reduces Painting and Other Exterior Maintenance Costs

You’ll choose your home’s primary color through your siding selection, even though you’ll need to touch up the trim from time to time. You might want to paint the siding in a decade or so as it ages.

But overall, siding needs far less painting, touch-ups, and minor repairs than a wood exterior. This makes it an excellent option for your home.

  • Vinyl Siding Lowers Energy Costs

While different types of siding each have their benefits, insulated vinyl siding effectively saves energy costs. And if your vinyl siding has louvered or gable vents, they can help with air quality and ventilation.

Wisconsin residents can benefit from darker colors, too, as these tend to absorb and retain heat. We carry PlyGem Mastic vinyl siding in the Crest, Carvedwood, and Ovation lines. Each type of material has its own advantages.

  • Siding Innovations Increase Durability and Weather-Resistance

We also carry LP Smart Siding®, an engineered wood product. This material is made from zinc borate to ward off pests and fungi, moisture-resistant waxes, resins for durability, and an external overlay for weather protection.

We work with another provider of outstanding siding products, Mastic Vinyl Siding. It’s known for its durability and low-maintenance qualities. The Solar Defense Color options “provide superior protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays while increasing curb appeal.”

  • Newer Siding Can Add to Your Property Value

The siding options and colors available today go beyond the limited selection of pastels, whites, and beiges from yesteryear. New siding shades draw prospective buyers’ attention to a home you might be selling.

What’s more, interested parties will know right away that the siding installation was a recent one, and they wouldn’t need another replacement for years. They’ll also appreciate the other benefits of the newer siding we’re discussing here.

Depending on the type and conditions, new siding can pay back roughly two-thirds to three-quarters of the installation costs if you sell your home.

  • Removing Older Siding Can Eliminate Potentially Costly Health Risks

First, there is  mold and other fungi that often collect in moist areas hidden inside your walls. Mold is a known allergen and can make many people sick.

Then, the deadly asbestos that, historically, was a popular building component of building materials due to its fireproofing qualities. We now know that prolonged asbestos exposures can lead to cancer and other diseases.

Also, vinyl (PVC) presents a health threat to people and the environment when it burns in a scorching fire. It can release toxic components, including chlorine gas and carcinogenic dioxins.

Today’s vinyl siding typically contains fireproofing materials.

How to Know When You Need Siding Replacement

If you know or suspect your siding is near the end of its lifetime, you should watch for signs of specific changes. Here are some critical signs that your home needs new siding:

  • Cracked, warped, or rotting siding
  • Paint peeling inside the house
  • Evidence of fungus, mold, or mildew inside or out
  • Severely faded siding or siding that often needs repainting
  • Increased energy bills
  • Siding that’s bubbling or blistering

Contact your siding contractor, such as the Dick’s Roof Repair team, for the best way to know what damage there is and how to fix it. 

Once Your New Siding Work Is Completed

You can tell that Dick’s Roof Repair is much more than a group of roofing contractors. Along with siding replacement, soffit, and fascia, we fix and install gutters, windows and doors, and chimneys. Plus, we do both residential and commercial work.

Make the most of your new siding by taking good care of it. Let us know when anything significant arises, such as needing a more extensive repair or installing a replacement piece. It could last for many years.

Do you need a siding replacement or other exterior construction work? If you live in Southeast Wisconsin, reach out to us today for a FREE estimate on siding or any of our other services.